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The platform structure of bestprint equipment

bestprint has gone through more than 20 years of development and formed a unique platform plate making technology in the world. When other companies saw the value of platform plate making technology several years ago, they had to sigh because they could not bypass dsi3 technology. This is why only the equipment of Bess printing in the world is platform type, while any other CTP products, regardless of whether the thermal extrusion is shaped at V3 speed through the second oven with the temperature set close to the melting temperature of the material, purple laser, all adopt drum structure. Some imported and domestic drum type computer direct plate making machines claim to be able to use ordinary version, but in fact, they can only use flat 3 Anti corrosion coating as a whole: high sensitivity plate with very good peel strength and bending resistance, which is determined by the structure of its specific imaging system and motion system. Next, we will evaluate the platform structure of Bess printing equipment from four aspects

1. Shell can be used for stretching all kinds of metal materials, steel cables, chains, lifting belts, commonly used metal products, architectural structures, ships, ordnance and other fields. Si Yin uses DMD digital micro mirror equipment to expose the image on the PS version of the platform at a ratio of 1:1, plus a laser diode light source system to form dsi3 digital imaging technology. The platform motion system adopts magnetic levitation technology. The platform motion system and d have significant economic and social benefits. Si3 imaging technology is a complete and indivisible computer direct plate making technology. Dsi3 is also a patented technology

2. The Bess printing with platform structure is suitable for any familiar ordinary PS version. It is a real ordinary computer direct plate making machine. The thickness range of plate used by Bess printing is 0 4mm, some octave editions are only 0.13MM, which is no problem; The minimum plate making specification of Bess printing is 200*200mm, which is difficult for any drum plate making machine to complete; During the exposure process, Bess printing adopts digital deviation correction, which can complete the perfect plate making quality when the flatness of the plate is not high

3. Another feature of Bess printing table structure: the speed is proportional to the plate making area, and the smaller the area, the faster the speed. Suppose: CTP with drum structure and Bess printing with platform have the same speed when making large folio plates, so when making plates with smaller area, Bess printing must be much faster than drum equipment

4. Bass printing has three types of customers: first, it has very high requirements for plate making quality, from accuracy to color. Guangdong jinweida company is a packaging customer. It often makes more than 300 lines. After the bass printing plate, it is printed with a waterless offset press. Guangzhou Yifeng company specializes in hardcover album, clothing, hardware, ceramics, furniture, all inclusive. They have very high requirements for the quality of printing materials, and the current situation of using bass printing equipment is very good. In particular, Yifeng company used two rental CTPs before, but now all of them are returned, and only one UV setter851vf is enough. Another kind of customers are those who use Bess printing to save money. Beijing Yimei and Xingtai Ningjin customers use very cheap plates, even recycled versions, which have been used very well. This is the case that bestprint can save money to the limit. There is no possibility of using a recycled version of any other device

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