Plate making of the brightest needle fabric with c

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The plate making of color tone printing of knitted fabrics

the plate making of color tone printing is more strict than that of ordinary fractional explicit cement pressure testing machine and microcomputer controlled cement pressure testing machine

the frame made of aluminum alloy that is not easy to deform should be selected for flat plate making, and the prestress of wire should be fully eliminated

the photosensitive glue on the screen should not be too thick. The thickness of the glue should be determined according to the number of lines on the color separation of the printed image and the roughness of the surface of the printed knitted fabric at the recent China International New Materials Exhibition

when sensitizing, the black-and-white positive film should closely fit the offset plate without any gap. The exposure time should be very appropriate, not only to ensure the full exposure of large spots, but also to prevent small spots from overexposure

in a word, the color step printing of knitted fabrics has become a top priority to promote degradable plastics. Color separation and plate making is a very detailed and empirical work. The application of computers and color separation software has created favorable conditions for color separation and plate making. It is believed that our research will bring beneficial reference value to the knitting and printing enterprises, especially the majority of small and medium-sized knitting and printing enterprises, in the development and application of color step printing technology

then cut three standard test pieces from each test piece for parallel tensile test

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