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"Mine overlord" was crowned Top50 case cx500c

"mine overlord" was crowned Top50 case cx500c-mass crawler hydraulic excavator won the top 50 award of annual product of construction machinery

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China Construction machinery annual product Top50 was released. Case cx500c-mass built a dream with strength and finally became a generation of mine overlord

on April 2, 2019, intercontinental Beichen hotel in Beijing was brightly lit, and the award ceremony of "Top50 annual products of China's construction machinery" with the most gold content and influence in China's construction machinery industry was held in full dress

with excellent fuel efficiency and reliable and stable operation performance, case cx500c-mass crawler hydraulic excavator redefined the new benchmark of mine construction and won the Top50 Gold Award of the annual product of construction machinery. More than 100 guests from relevant ministries and commissions, associations, manufacturing enterprises, users and media witnessed the coronation of the "new king of Mines"

new trend of energy saving in mines

the national trend of converting old and new kinetic energy swept through mines, and the old equipment with high energy consumption and low output is gradually being replaced by a new generation of production equipment with high efficiency and energy saving. Equipped with a case cx500c-mass low emission engine that meets China's phase III emission standard (Gb3), it enables the transformation and upgrading of mining enterprises

cx500c-mass adopts full power, and the high-pressure common rail system controlled by oil quantum should be checked every 1 (3) months according to the use situation, which improves the fuel utilization while burning the fuel efficiently. Another reason for the cooling waste it carries is that they carry out more strict monitoring of the quality control of feed and finished products. The gas recirculation (cegr) technology improves the emission level of tail gas, makes the combustion of fuel cleaner, and provides more power for the whole machine

human design, comfortable driving

the mine construction environment is poor and the labor intensity is high. The excellent driving and riding environment can enable drivers to improve the operation accuracy and improve the level of safe operation. The spacious cab design of cx500c-mass has excellent operating vision, and the quiet and comfortable operating environment allows the driver to enjoy the joy of work. The standard color control screen can complete the real-time monitoring of the equipment according to the working conditions, and the working state is under control

the newly designed walking system effectively reduces the wear of the external working environment on the walking parts, and users will be able to enjoy all the advantages of 3D printing, extending the service life of the equipment. The improved boom and stick design makes the cx500c-mass more durable and ensures the reliability of the equipment during high-intensity operation

build a "new flagship" of the mine

"because you know the mine, you are more professional!" Case uses cx500c-mass excavator to redefine the new standard of mine construction and spare no effort to build a "new flagship" of the mine

cx500c-mass working mechanism is more suitable for high load operation habits of mines after durability treatment. The thickness of reinforced structural member profile is 20%-40% higher than that of the previous model, and it challenges the limit of mine operation with strength. Case hydraulic system is famous for its accuracy, energy saving, efficiency and convenience, and is favored by mine users. The new cx500c-mass is equipped with the unique pcstm precise hydraulic control system of case c-series, which carries forward the classic into fashion

"thinking" is the label of case "CXC" series models. Cx500c-mass accurately controls the power output through the "intelligent control system", which can automatically adjust the engine power output and the absorbed torque of the hydraulic pump according to the changing load factor, reaching the "thinking" smart machine standard and bringing excellent fuel efficiency

at the same time, Keith's "intelligent control system" has more efficient function design, and cooperates with the highest level hydraulic pressure design in the industry. "Automatic force adding function" will provide instant power support according to the load level, so that the efficiency of mine operation can be significantly improved

relaxation, energy storage mine

"move with time, and build up momentum, which also provides technical support for the development of low halogen, low smoke and environmental friendly flame retardant PP!" The case cx500c-mass excavator, which ploughs deeply into the mine, will always adjust itself to the most appropriate posture and bring maximum benefits to mine construction users

the composite operation action of cx500c-mass inherits the hydraulic regeneration technology of "CXC" series boom and stick circuit, which significantly improves the speed of work cycle and shortens the time of work cycle. Cx500c-mass has three working modes: Auto (advanced automatic mode), heavy (heavy load mode) and super power (super power mode). In the process of power conversion, it can achieve 14 levels of power level switching. Combined with complex mine working conditions, it can provide greater excavation force, faster rotation speed and stronger rotation torque. We really live for the mine

top50 at the award ceremony, the organizer's leaders and industry experts highly affirmed the technical application and operation performance of case cx500c-mass. "The technological innovation of case cx500c-mass has brought new choices and new impetus to mine construction!"

Mr. Chen Lin, general manager of construction machinery business in China of Case New Holland industrial group, said: "the honor of Top50, the annual product of China's construction machinery, is the affirmation of the industry and users for the performance of cx500c-mass. Case will continue to cultivate the mine market, and provide more professional solutions for Chinese mine users with more professional technical applications and higher standard terminal services!"

2019 is the 20th anniversary of case engineering machinery entering the Chinese market. Case, a world famous brand of construction machinery with a history of 177 years, is constantly improving its quality and service with the help of its global structure and resources, and actively participates in the rapid development of China's construction machinery industry

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