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Ministry of Agriculture: China has become the largest country in the manufacturing and use of agricultural machinery

recently, the Ministry of Agriculture held a National Symposium on agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in Beijing. Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of agriculture, said that China has become the first country to manufacture and use agricultural machinery. In theory, a good electronic tensile testing machine should be able to withstand various environments and changes. Agriculture has shifted from relying mainly on human and animal power to relying mainly on mechanical power, entering a new stage dominated by mechanization. At present and in the future, we should fully implement open subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery and tools within the scope of subsidies, guide and promote the transformation and upgrading of Agricultural Mechanization in the new era, and help implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy

Zhang Taolin pointed out that agricultural machinery purchase subsidies are the most direct and main means to promote the development of agricultural mechanization at present. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the central government has allocated a total of 11.6 billion yuan of subsidy funds for the purchase of agricultural machinery, such as testing methods, machine structure, machine stiffness, parallelism of pressure plates, measuring elements, materials, displacement sinking of load sensors, etc., and subsidized the purchase of more than 18.2 million sets of agricultural machinery and tools. Then, through special nozzles, this kind of pressure is converted into jet mixing kinetic energy, which has achieved remarkable results of helping agriculture and doing more with one stone

Zhang Taolin required that all regions should highlight strategic priorities and scientifically determine the scope of subsidies; Highlight the green ecological guidance and vigorously promote the green development of agriculture; Give prominence to guiding and supporting the scientific and technological innovation of agricultural machinery, and promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side; Highlight the sharing of benefits, and constantly enhance the farmers' sense of benefits from subsidies; Highlight efficiency, convenience, standardization and probity, continue to improve public and social satisfaction, and create a new situation in the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy

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