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Mining plastics has gradually become a new idea for the development of Shanxi industry

when it comes to plastics, most people will think of plastic daily necessities around them. However, the plastic industry also involves building materials, medical materials with a humidity of 20% - 80%, agriculture and other aspects. On September 18, it was learned from Shanxi plastic industry association that the development of mining plastics with Shanxi characteristics is gradually, but the elongation of materials is generally relatively high, which has become a new idea for the development of plastic industry in our province

Shanxi Province is a coal heavy chemical industry base, and the safety production of coal mines has been mentioned as an important agenda. The development of various multi-functional fire-retardant and antistatic mining pipes, pipe fittings and other mining products that replace steel with plastic and wood with plastic is the focus of the development of the plastic industry in our Province. Talking about the development prospect of mining plastics, the relevant person of Shanxi Plastic Industry Association said, for example, that Shanxi Coking Coal Group currently produces 41.6 million tons of raw coal. As one of the subsidiaries of Shanxi Coking Coal Group, Taiyuan Xishan Coal and electricity group alone needed 8185 tons of various steel pipes in 2011, equivalent to a growth of about 1million meters, which shows how big the market of mining plastics is

at present, the development of mining plastics in our province is still in its infancy. The development of raw material production lags behind, and the product technology is limited, which restricts the industrial development. It was learned that in coastal and developed provinces and cities, the plastic industry has been the pillar of the government. Yuan Gong had a thorough understanding of the performance of the experimental machine, and the industry gave key support. Shanxi's plastic enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and many small and medium-sized enterprises are in a period of rapid development. The government's policy preference and support are very necessary for the development and growth of enterprises

next, our province requires the plastic industry to pay more attention to the introduction, digestion and absorption of high-quality, refined and special-purpose products, and increase the independent research and development of products with provincial characteristics. At the same time, we should vigorously develop products that conform to industrial and environmental protection policies, develop new materials and products closely related to the pillar industries of the national economy, and transform traditional plastic materials and products with high and new technologies

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