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Mining tools - visit John Deere Jidong Cement users

mining tools - visit John Deere Jidong Cement users

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scorching sun, unbearable summer. However, for users of construction machinery, they dare not slack off at all, and ensuring the construction period and ensuring production is a top priority. In mid July, the author drove to the mining site of Jidong Cement Tangshan Branch and witnessed the mining performance of John Deere e360lc excavator under high temperature

Jidong Cement is one of the largest listed cement enterprises in China. The annual output of limestone ore in the mine is about 16million tons. There are three crushers and five 5000t/d cement clinker production lines in the plant. The plant has 18 shovel loading equipment, including two John Deere e360lc Crawler excavators

John Deere excavator

under high-intensity working conditions, e360lc easily won Hong Yu, who is in charge of the on-site management of mobile equipment in the operation Department of Jidong Cement Tangshan Branch. He has been in this industry for nearly ten years, and he knows the use, maintenance, repair and other links of mining equipment like the palm of his hand. "The working conditions of the mine are bad, the dust is large, and the continuous operation time is long. If the suction pressure of the driver is evacuated, the labor intensity is high. Therefore, the excavator is required to have high attendance, reliable performance and flexible operation. John Deere e360lc just meets these requirements." Hong Yu said

under the condition of giving priority to quality, how to reduce costs and increase efficiency is obviously a difficult problem for enterprises. Hong Yu said that the key is to improve enterprise efficiency through strict cost control, starting with quality control and mechanical equipment. The original European and American brand equipment in the mine has been used for too long, seriously aging and frequent failures, which has affected the daily production of the enterprise. In order to ensure daily production and reduce equipment use costs, the company purchased two John Deere e360lc excavators after market research. After a period of use, the excellent performance of John Deere equipment has won the recognition of Hong Yu and the company's superior leaders

It is understood that e360lc is equipped with a Powertech engine independently developed by John Deere, with 224 kW engine power. It has four power modes and three working modes, which can achieve a perfect balance between energy consumption and work efficiency. In order to adapt to the harsh working environment of construction machinery, e360lc adopts extended crawler, which can better adapt to the domestic mountain road construction zone, more flexible and faster transfer and applicability to stony ground, so that it can maximize the use value of the machine while enhancing the work efficiency

Hong Yu believes that ore shipment depends on the attendance and work efficiency of the mechanical equipment itself. The higher the attendance and operation efficiency of the equipment, the more cost savings can be achieved. According to him, John Deere equipment has good performance, high durability, low replacement frequency of vulnerable parts and low failure rate, which saves the use cost and improves the operating efficiency for enterprises

according to him, John Deere equipment has good performance and can export Excel files. It has high durability, low replacement frequency of vulnerable parts and low failure rate, which saves the use cost for the enterprise and improves the business efficiency

the working conditions on the mine are bad, and the hard stones cause great damage to the excavator, and the equipment has to work more than 20 hours a day. Due to the bumpy journey, the work intensity is very high. Therefore, excellent welding technology is very important, otherwise the excavator boom is easy to crack and difficult to repair in a short time, which will bring immeasurable losses to the tense production tasks. Hong Yu introduced that the two John Deere e360lc excavators have been engaged in high-intensity and high-load work since they were purchased, and there have been no major problems

comfortable operation, and special work

Zhang Peng is a front-line equipment operator of Jidong Cement Tangshan Branch, mainly responsible for the mining and transportation of limestone mines. After working for 8 years, Zhang Peng spent most of his time in the mine. He also had his own opinion on the excavator used for Mining: "our car doesn't have problems and works. It's easy to see it when loading with other brands."

mining weapon

according to his description, e360lc excavator is loaded with a 42 ton mining truck dump truck per minute on average, and its engine automatic idle function will be activated under no-load conditions, reducing engine speed, thereby minimizing fuel consumption. In daily work, e360lc excavator is like a duck to water. Although it is a large equipment, its controllability is not inferior to that of medium-sized products of other brands. In particular, the hydraulic pilot operating handle makes the driver more labor-saving when operating

in addition, he also spoke highly of the e360lc cab. In particular, e360lc has multi-directional adjustable seats and automatic temperature control system (air conditioning), which increases comfort and work efficiency

when talking about the after-sales service of the equipment, Zhang Peng spoke highly of John Deere. In order to ensure the daily efficient operation of John Deere's products in the mine, John Deere's local agent has specially set up a standardized on-site technical service station composed of technical service backbones. As long as there is any condition of the equipment, only one is needed, and the maintenance service personnel will arrive at the site to solve the fault within 30 minutes

thanks to the excellent performance of John Deere e360lc excavator, Hong Yu is full of confidence in future cooperation: "the lean manufacturing of John Deere equipment and the products and services closest to the hearts of the people have been recognized by us. We believe that these advantages can bring more value to the future production management of Jidong cement Tangshan Branch!" (this article is from John Deere)

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