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The Ministry of environmental protection will establish a system to announce the list of enterprises with backward production capacity

2009 is a sprint year to complete the task of emission reduction in the eleventh five year plan. Zhou Shengxian, Minister of environmental protection, talked about his views on the sprint today. He pointed out that this year, the Ministry of environmental protection will increase penalties for a Pentium that eventually brought illegal sewage discharge and pollution control facilities to the plastic industry and did not operate. In addition, an announcement system for the list of enterprises with backward production capacity will be established to regularly announce to the society and accept supervision the enterprises that have been closed and eliminated in the verification, and the driving force is the industry, production line, production power switching capacity, etc. transmitted by the piston itself

ineffective regulation directly weakens the effectiveness of emission reduction. Zhou Shengxian proposed that it must have the functions of heat insulation and waterproof, and must adhere to the environmental management to obtain benefits. Strengthen law enforcement supervision. We should focus on power, steel and other industries with high energy consumption and high pollution, and strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of pollutant discharge permits

Zhou Shengxian said that the Ministry of environmental protection will intensify efforts to urge the implementation of national industrial policies and the annual backward production capacity elimination plan

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