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The Minister of environmental protection raided the inspector Sinopec to hold a special meeting to reflect on the problem

the Minister of environmental protection raided the inspector Sinopec to hold a special meeting to reflect on the problem

April 12, 2017

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"if the handling is heavy enough, three directors are exempted." On April 6, referring to the preliminary handling results of the Environmental Protection Minister Chen Jining's raid on Yanshan Petrochemical, an authority within Sinopec who declined to be named told the times weekly

on April 4 two days ago, Chen Jige, Minister of environmental protection, added multiple load sensors, maybe displacement and deformation sensors to the experimental machine to expand the range of experimental force, maybe displacement and deformation. When he arrived in Fangshan District, a suburb of Beijing, he drove directly to Beijing Yanshan Branch of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Yanshan Petrochemical") and other enterprises to carry out on-site supervision without saying hello in advance

Yanshan Petrochemical is an old refining and Chemical subsidiary of Sinopec, with a history of more than 40 years and strong oil refining and chemical capacity. On the same day, Chen Jining asked to access the electronic data account of enterprise leakage detection and repair. However, after waiting for nearly 20 minutes, it was still difficult for enterprises to access relevant data

the news that the Minister of environmental protection came to supervise the site in person soon reached the headquarters of Sinopec at No. 22, Chaoyangmen North Street, Beijing. On the morning of April 6, Sinopec held a special meeting to reflect on the criticism of Yanshan Petrochemical by the Ministry of environmental protection

according to domestic experts studying the environmental protection industry, the minister's on-site supervision shows that the supervision means of the environmental protection department are different from those in the past. "Normally speaking, if you want to inspect a large state-owned enterprise, you will inform it that the environmental protection force required now is relatively large, and some regulatory means are often unconventional." Gao Jian, an analyst who has studied the petrochemical industry for a long time, said in an interview with the times weekly that it still reflects the government's guidance and demands in environmental protection, which must be rectified with great efforts

times weekly notes that the environmental protection problems currently exposed by Yanshan Petrochemical are quite representative within the energy system, that is, after decades of sustainable development, these giant enterprises have made contributions to the local economy, but also face an increasingly severe environmental protection supervision situation. This tests the wisdom of enterprise management and environmental protection departments

on April 6, Sinopec held a special meeting to reflect on the environmental protection problems criticized by the Ministry of environmental protection. On that day, Sinopec executives held a video conference on HSE and production and operation work in the second quarter, and environmental protection became an important content mentioned at the meeting

according to Sinopec, the meeting required to firmly establish the concept of "safety first, environmental protection first", always tighten the string of safety and environmental protection, never have the slightest paralysis and slack, and strictly grasp all production and operation work

According to the release sent by Sinopec to the times weekly, in response to the Ministry of environmental protection's criticism of Yanshan Petrochemical's environmental protection problems, Sinopec ordered Yanshan Petrochemical's rubber plant to stop production for rectification, and Yanshan Petrochemical has dismissed the relevant heads of the company's energy and environmental protection department and the party and government of the rubber plant

as the Minister of environmental protection, it is rare in recent years to go directly to the site of central enterprises without notice or greeting. On April 4, Chen Jining led a team to visit Yanshan Petrochemical and other enterprises to carry out on-site supervision on the implementation of emergency response measures for heavily polluted weather in Fangshan District

Fangshan is subordinate to Beijing, 25 kilometers away from the capital (Liuliqiao), covering an area of 1989.5 square kilometers. It plays an important role in the environmental governance of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Yanshan Petrochemical is located here

times weekly noted that according to the Ministry of environmental protection, after arriving in Fangshan District, Chen Jining and his party drove directly to Yanshan Petrochemical to conduct field research on the butadiene rubber workshop of the enterprise

in the butadiene rubber production workshop of the rubber factory, Chen Jining learned about the production facilities of the enterprise and the operation of VOCs treatment project in detail. "What is the operation principle of the tail gas treatment device? How often is the material changed? How is the desorption of waste materials carried out?" Chen Jining asked

it is understood that the rubber production workshop of the enterprise is equipped with three sets of water washing degumming + activated carbon fiber adsorption systems to treat VOCs. Due to process defects, most of the adsorption products cause secondary pollution due to re volatilization. At present, a set of system has been transformed, but the odor around the system is obvious during on-site inspection, and two sets of VOCs treatment systems have not been transformed, and the pollution problem has not been effectively solved

then, Chen Jining came to Yanshan Petrochemical Safety Production Command Center and asked for access to the electronic data account of leak detection and repair of the enterprise. However, after waiting for nearly 20 minutes, it was still difficult for the enterprise to access the relevant data. The relevant responsible personnel were not familiar with the account, usually lack of analysis and use, and daily management was relatively extensive

"Yanshan Petrochemical should pay more attention to environmental protection, especially the VOCs treatment with prominent problems, and strengthen fine management." Chen Jining said

aiming at the problem that the information system of the command center cannot access relevant data in time, Chen Jining asked Yanshan Petrochemical Company to carefully study the rectification measures for the existing problems, strive to improve the management level, and strive to achieve emission reduction from the source

after the Minister of environmental protection came to Yanshan Petrochemical for surprise inspection, Sinopec made a rapid internal response, and Yanshan Petrochemical checked relevant problems overnight. On the morning of April 6, Sinopec held a special meeting, "criticized Yanshan Petrochemical for its extensive management and untimely rectification of tail gas treatment devices, and ordered Yanshan Petrochemical to immediately stop production and rectify the relevant devices in the rubber workshop and conduct in-depth investigation of the existing problems." Sinopec informed the times weekly that

Gao Jian told the times weekly that in the past two years, the wind of environmental protection has been relatively strict. From the central government to local governments, whether it is the introduction of policies or the application of dark black filament yarn to sporting goods documents that require both rigidity, high strength and light weight and beauty, it is relatively strict, especially in the surrounding areas of Beijing, such as Hebei, Fangshan and other places, heavy industrial plants are the focus of attention. Under such a large background and environment, If we still "act against the wind", the problem must be very serious, especially state-owned enterprises

"state owned enterprises play a leading and exemplary role. If an enterprise as big as Yanshan Petrochemical fails to meet the environmental protection standards and knowingly commits it, it must be held accountable." Gao Jian said

Sinopec said that after the criticism of the Ministry of environmental protection, Yanshan Petrochemical carried out relevant troubleshooting. After investigation, the main reason why the electronic data account cannot be accessed is that the system is currently in the trial operation stage, and the data entry in 2016 is incomplete. "Relevant departments have been required to complete the relevant data entry within 15 days to ensure the integrity of the system data and facilitate use and query"

in addition, Sinopec said that the main reason for the odor on the site of the rubber plant was the aging of some devices and equipment. In this regard, two sets of tail gas treatment devices in the rubber plant have been arranged to be comprehensively shut down and transformed, and it is clear that the transformation must be completed by the end of 2017

Sinopec environmental pressure

Yanshan Petrochemical, founded in 1970, is the abbreviation of Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. of Sinopec Group and Beijing Yanshan Branch of China Petrochemical Corporation. The two enterprises implement the operation of "one team, two brands", with independent business accounting and oil and chemical integration. Yanshan Petrochemical is located next to the Beijing Guangzhou railway, with very convenient highway and railway transportation conditions

according to the official data of Yanshan Petrochemical, its annual crude oil processing capacity is 10million tons, and its ethylene production capacity is more than 800000 tons. It is one of the important production bases of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, phenol acetone and high-quality product oil in China

by the end of 2016, Yanshan Petrochemical had processed 321 million tons of crude oil, produced 21.04 million tons of ethylene, achieved a total sales revenue of 1177 billion yuan, and paid 128.6 billion yuan in profits and taxes, making important contributions to the development of China's petrochemical industry and the economic and social construction of the capital

while making contributions, the pollution discharge of Yanshan Petrochemical has also become a major problem for Fangshan District, the local government. Fangshan District Environmental Protection Bureau pointed out in its official document in June last year that due to the comprehensive impact of location factors, the current air pollution prevention and control work in this area is more difficult than that in other districts of the city

"the total amount of pollutants in our region is relatively large. Due to the special industrial structure, the coal consumption in our region has been higher than that in other regions. At the same time, Yanshan Petrochemical and other enterprises produce a large number of VOCs, soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, which seriously pollute the atmosphere." Fangshan District Environmental Protection Bureau said

according to the Fangshan District Environmental Protection Bureau, on February 14 this year, the expert group of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences came to Fangshan District to make a phased report on the research work of air pollution prevention and control. The times weekly noted that Chen Guangli, deputy head of Fangshan District in charge of environmental protection, attended the meeting

it is understood that based on the analysis and research in the previous stage, the expert group pointed out that there are the following problems in the improvement of air quality in Fangshan District, one of which is the large amount of nitrogen and oxygen produced by Yanshan Petrochemical and other enterprises. The survey also showed that 93.77% of the respondents said that their enterprises would consider increasing relevant investment chemicals, volatile organic compounds, smoke and dust and other air pollutants in the future, and it was necessary to further achieve pollutant emission reduction

just before Chen Jining's raid on Yanshan Petrochemical, on March 9 this year, Liu Jin, director of Fangshan District Environmental Protection Bureau, led a team to Yanshan Petrochemical Company for a discussion. The Environmental Protection Bureau of the district put forward specific requirements for the next step, one of which is that Yanshan Petrochemical should understand and face the existing problems, and promote the environmental protection work by solving the problems, "strengthen mutual trust, practical cooperation, reach a consensus, share, and achieve emission reduction, efficiency increase, and green development"

the Environmental Protection Minister "raided" Yanshan Petrochemical, and Fangshan District Environmental Protection Bureau also followed up. According to the official of the Bureau, recently, in response to the problems found by Minister Chen Jining during his investigation of the implementation of emergency measures for heavily polluted weather in Fangshan District in Beijing, the Fangshan District Environmental Protection Bureau has made the current preliminary treatment. In response to the problems found by Yanshan Petrochemical Company, the environmental protection departments at the urban level will further increase the daily supervision and monitoring frequency of the enterprise, especially during the period of heavy air pollution, will arrange special personnel to be stationed on the site, Monitor the implementation of emergency measures in real time, and impose severe punishment if excessive emissions are found. At the same time, Yanshan Petrochemical Company is also actively implementing the rectification of related problems

in fact, Sinopec has continued to increase its investment in the field of environmental protection in recent years. On July 30, 2013, Sinopec announced to the society that it would carry out the special action of "clear water and blue sky" environmental protection, promising to invest 22.8 billion yuan and implement 803 environmental protection treatment projects in three years. Under the unified deployment of Sinopec, oil refining enterprises all over the country have taken action

"it took 4 years, invested 1.83 billion yuan and implemented 106 environmental protection projects... This is an answer sheet written by Yanshan Petrochemical Company, just for the sake of greener water and bluer sky in the capital." Sinopec pointed out in January this year

in order to implement the "blue water and blue sky" plan, Yanshan Petrochemical analyzed and classified all projects one by one: including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission reduction and treatment, power boiler and industrial heating furnace flue gas denitration treatment, regional odor treatment projects, etc

even so, this time Yanshan Petrochemical was raided and supervised by the Minister of environmental protection, and the environmental protection problem was still violent

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