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Kerui 500 Series M12 products have new upgraded functions and stronger performance

this year, Kerui contrinex, the global technology leader in the sensing industry, made a new upgrade of its 500 Series M12 products, once again setting a new catch-up benchmark for the fierce competitive market

this product upgrade has been fully investigated by users to ensure that on the basis of truly understanding the needs of customers. 4. It is strictly forbidden to immerse in water, rain or moisture, we can provide customers with more valuable high-quality products: the use of newly developed ASIC chips, so that they can be used in temperature stability, anti vibration. 4. The quality and safety problems of imported waste raw materials and their causes are analyzed The anti EMC performance and anti attenuation ability have been greatly improved in all directions

in addition to the performance upgrade, this M12 product also adds the indicator function of the switch light flashing at the critical distance that was only available in the past 700 series high-end products, which not only provides customers with more convenience, but also is an efficient function that other competitive products of the same kind cannot have at present, which is a unique advantage for Kerui products

flash indication function of switch light what should be paid attention to when purchasing material pulling machine demonstration

when the object to be measured is in the critical position of the sensor, the switch light on the sensor will flash to remind the user to pull the object to be measured closer, which is more convenient for customers to install and test the product

the improvement and upgrading of M12 products this time is to ensure that customers can get Kerui products that are more advanced and have more intrinsic value than other similar products, showing Kerui brand's uncompromising pursuit of high quality and high-tech standards that it has always advocated. The two companies will also cooperate to improve the control regulations and technical rules for the use of polymer materials

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