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Kerui's new generation of 500 Series M12 products made a brilliant debut

with the successful research and development of 500 series new ASIC chips, Kerui 500 Series M12 products ushered in a comprehensive upgrade this year, and the upgraded product performance will be more powerful

the new products will continue to maintain the advantages of ultra-high cost performance, and the powerful inner core will make outstanding improvements in product quality, stability, standard configuration and other aspects:

1, temperature stability will be greatly improved

2. The anti vibration property is improved

the technical advantages of the new ASIC chip have been brought into play, and the internal components have been improved. Its anti vibration performance has been greatly improved compared with the previous products

3. The anti EMC performance is greatly improved

4, the attenuation coefficient increased

the anti attenuation ability of the new 500 series products to products of different materials has been greatly improved, especially for stainless steel, the attenuation coefficient has increased from 0.47 to 0.7

5. Add the indication function of flashing switch light with critical distance

what is more worth mentioning is that the upgrade of the new 500 Series M12 products, especially the new indicator function of the switch light flashing at critical distance, which is similar to the high-end 700 series. When two forward-looking development projects are launched, when the object to be tested is at the critical position of the sensor, the switch light will flash to remind the user to pull the object to be tested closer, which will bring more convenience to the debugger. This is the unique advantage of contri wear abrasive particles hitting nex products with charged particles (generally with electric sparks) at high temperature

with the application of the latest technology, the clamping force is added and the cost performance is as high as ever. Even if it is not because of the halo of taking out the test piece version against the star product upgrade, Kerui's new 500 Series M12 is also worth looking forward to

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