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Kesi Chuang with innovative polycarbonate solutions appeared at Chinaplas 2021 International Rubber and plastic exhibition

Kesi Chuang with innovative polycarbonate solutions appeared at Chinaplas 2021 International Rubber and plastic exhibition

April 14, 2021

· plans to launch the world's first zero carbon footprint polycarbonate

· advanced solutions help circular economy

· design beauty has learned to create more value for customers since January 2018

in Shenzhen from April 13 to 16 At the 34th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (Chinaplas 2021), the material manufacturer covestro will show cutting-edge technologies and innovative product solutions in many fields, as well as the latest insights in design and aesthetics, with the theme of "leading the circular economy and shaping a brilliant future together", demonstrating its determination to build a circular economy and a sustainable future

at the same time, covestro announced that it would launch the world's first zero carbon footprint polycarbonate within the year, as an important step towards a circular economy, and better help downstream customers achieve their sustainable development goals

"this is another important milestone in our pursuit of sustainable development. We are committed to helping customers in the transportation, electronic and electrical, medical and health, home appliances and other industries meet various challenges by providing products and solutions with excellent performance, more cost-effective and more sustainable." Zhou Binbin, global president of the polycarbonate Business Department of covestro, said, "we are working with our customers to accelerate the transformation to circular economy and jointly build an industrial ecosystem conducive to the development of circular economy."

the world's first zero carbon footprint polycarbonate

this Makrolon polycarbonate product will use alternative raw materials and renewable energy to achieve zero carbon emissions in the "cradle to gate" [1] life cycle stage. These alternative raw materials are the raw materials allocated based on the mass balance method. 10. When the load exceeds 2% and 5% of the full scale, it will automatically overload and protect the waste and residue of downtime [2]. As part of its sustainable product solutions, covestro has previously introduced polycarbonate (ISCC plus certified) containing renewable raw materials based on mass balance method to the market, which can significantly reduce carbon emissions. Quality balancing is a chain of custody approach that tracks materials through the value chain and distributes renewable raw materials to selected end products

"covestro plans to achieve zero carbon emissions of these products' from cradle to gate 'by using renewable energy in the production process, so as to achieve a zero carbon footprint. The quality and performance of these products are the same as those of similar fossil based products, and can be directly applied to existing production processes." Jimena ruesta, the project manager of sustainable development program of the polycarbonate Business Department of covestro, said. The first batch of zero carbon footprint Makrolon products is planned to be delivered in kostron's European factory in 2021, and then will be produced and supplied in other factories including China according to market demand

in addition, covestro announced that it would launch post consumer recycling (PCR) polycarbonate in its Alibaba 1688 flagship store for the first time, so as to better meet customers' needs for sustainable solutions with the help of digital platforms. The recycled material content in these PCR products is as high as 75%, which can reduce the carbon footprint by 50% compared with the original products

advanced solutions in multiple fields appear in Chinaplas

in the field of electronic and electrical appliances, with leading sustainable material solutions, adhering to a high sense of supply chain and quality control, covestro has helped electrical and electronic equipment brands obtain EPEAT (electronic product environmental assessment tool) environmental grade certification, and pay attention to green environmental protection with global consumers Realize the enterprise's commitment that the semi-finished products of low-carbon and recycled fiber matrix will be processed. This exhibition will show a series of high-performance polycarbonate solutions that help the aesthetics and cycle design of smart Internet, such as Makrolon and byelam, which can achieve the simple beauty of consumer electronics and smart home, and Makrolon heat conduction solutions that can help solve the heat dissipation pain points of high-performance smart Internet devices

the field of transportation also puts forward higher requirements for materials. In order to cope with the increasingly personalized and functional trend in the passenger car market, covestro's integrated front grille material solution can help create a distinctive exterior styling, while integrating autonomous driving functions. The application of direct coating technology, transparent glass fiber polycarbonate and other material technologies can bring visual beauty and processing economy to interior parts. In addition, covestro will also present a battery pack material solution for electric vehicles that can meet the needs of various types of battery modules, reducing energy consumption by reducing the weight of the whole vehicle and escorting travel safety

in the field of medical and health care, more and more patients choose self medication, which depends on the use of low friction internals in drug delivery equipment to improve the accuracy of injection dose. In addition, in order to achieve rapid rehabilitation, minimally invasive surgery is becoming increasingly popular, so high-intensity and reliable surgical tools are essential. To this end, kostron launched a new glass fiber reinforced medical grade polycarbonate solution that can be applied to the internals of drug delivery equipment and the handle of surgical tools; And low friction medical grade polycarbonate applied to sliding internal parts of drug delivery equipment, without the need for additional lubricants. During Chinaplas, covestro will show the application scenarios of these innovative materials to meet the current and future needs in the field of medical and health care

design aesthetics creates more value

in addition to products and solutions, covestro will also demonstrate its professional capabilities in CMF (color, material, surface treatment). The CMF team of covestro aims to provide customers with material solutions with aesthetic value, in line with design trends and expressing creativity. The colorful "garden" located in the booth of kostron is made of recycled farmer spring buckets and the latest CMF trend color of kostron, forming a "gorgeous circular flower"

figure: the colorful "garden" located in the booth of covestro

in addition, covestro will display the latest "cycle design guide" for the electronic, electrical and household appliance industry jointly launched with the consulting company Renato lab. The guide aims to help designers, developers and other relevant personnel in the value chain introduce circular economy thinking at the early stage of product design, and provide them with guidance on material selection

costron booth is located at 17p, hall 17, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Kesichuang digital exhibition hall will be launched on Chinaplas floor at the same time


[1] the life cycle assessment from cradle to gate includes all stages from raw material refining (cradle) to leaving the factory gate and shipping to customers. The evaluation is based on the internal calculation of covestro, and the third-party audit is in progress

[2] the corresponding biological carbon uptake is considered in the carbon footprint calculation

about covestro:

covestro is one of the world's leading polymer manufacturers, with sales of 10.7 billion euros in 2020. The business scope of the company mainly focuses on the production and manufacturing of high-tech polymer materials, as well as the research and development of innovative and sustainable product solutions for many areas of daily life, so as to promote the development of circular economy in an all-round way. Its main service areas include automobile and transportation, construction, furniture and wood processing, as well as electronics, electrical and home appliance industries. Other fields also include sports and leisure, cosmetics, medical treatment and the chemical industry itself. By the end of 2020, covestro had achieved 1 The chuck is changed into a self clamping device ball, with 33 production bases and about 16500 employees (calculated by full-time employees)

forward looking statements

this draft may contain forward-looking statements made by kostron Co., Ltd. based on current assumptions and forecasts. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors may lead to substantial differences between the actual operating results, financial conditions, development or performance of the company in the future and the estimates made in this paper. Covestro does not undertake to update these forward-looking statements or make them consistent with future events or developments

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