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Kestar's high-end modular UPS won the "channel Golden Bowl Award"

recently, in the selection of a series of awards organized on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the founding of computer business daily, the core media of the IT channel in the selection of domestic brand-name electrical components, kestar's latest YMK series of high-end modular UPS won the channel Golden Bowl award. The award further demonstrates kestar's leading strength in the modular UPS product line, And the significant influence of kestar brand in the domestic channel market

ymk series is another high-end modular uninterruptible power supply product series launched by kestar company after RP Series modular ups. The single module capacity of this series is 4kva/6kva/10kva/15kva/20kva, which is optional (three single modules 4KVA ~ 10kV, moderate activity; three three modules 10KVA ~ 20KVA). The maximum capacity of a single cabinet covers three power ranges of 50KVA, 100kVA and 200KVA, and it can easily realize the parallel operation between cabinets, which is convenient for users to configure flexibly. This series of products strive for excellence in component selection, PCB wiring, heat flow design, control algorithm, appearance design and other aspects; DSP full digital control technology is adopted, and each module is controlled separately by a control board. After the module fails, it can be quickly separated from the UPS system, making the UPS system more stable and reliable. Hot plug technology is adopted between modules and cabinets, which greatly reduces the maintenance time of the system

costar's high-end modular UPS won the channel Golden Bowl award

the selection team of computer business daily believes that the distinctive customer-oriented characteristics of this series of products and the diversity of choices that can be provided to users will help win more channel merchants and users' purchasing tendencies. Chen Erfu, general manager of kestar's domestic marketing center, said that the successful launch of this series of products is another important measure for kestar to strive to improve the domestic local manufacturer UPS in the high-end application market represented by the data center. This series of products will work with kestar epow as the experimental equipment verifier Er er series, HiPower series, RP series, together with the original three high-end high-power UPS, through more detailed and segmented product layout, Further enhance kestar's leading market share and brand influence in the high-end market of data center

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