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With the development of domestic car market, more and more people pay attention to the air quality in cars. Although automotive interior adhesives are not seen, 1 At the beginning of the creep test, but its selection has an important impact on the air quality in the car

Fuller, a well-known manufacturer in the adhesive industry, has joined hands with the world to build a demonstration project of intelligent manufacturing technology in the field of modified high molecular materials in China. In the field of water-based automotive interior adhesives, Kesi Chuang, a polyurethane solution supplier, has carried out exchanges on technical energy conservation and consumption reduction, innovation and utilization, and jointly expanded the application field of water-based automotive adhesives Improve the performance and environmental protection advantages of materials

the rapidly developing automotive water-based adhesive market

water-based adhesive greatly reduces the content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) because it uses water as the carrier. Therefore, in recent years, in the automotive industry, it is reported that water-based adhesives are replacing the traditional solvent based adhesives and began to be used in automotive interiors, and the growth rate is very fast

especially in 2011, after the country first released the "guidelines for the evaluation of air quality in passenger cars", car companies began to turn to more environmentally friendly adhesive solutions, and the automotive water-based adhesive market grew rapidly. Not only European and American car companies, automotive water-based rubber has gradually entered the domestic car line

since 2015, covestro and fuller have joined hands to introduce the key raw materials, application processes, performance and other topics of waterborne automotive adhesives to interior design engineers. At the same time, according to the needs of car enterprises, actively develop innovative products, such as a new generation of coating free interior materials

Kesi Chuang's solution for environmental friendly automotive interior adhesives

the waterborne polyurethane technology launched by Kesi innovation is based on dispercoll u polyurethane dispersion and desmodur isocyanate curing agent, which can help automotive manufacturers start with the interior and meet the challenges of interior air quality

kostron aqueous polyurethane adhesive solution does not use additives containing formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in production, effectively reducing VOC content. Not only that, the product also has bonding performance. At the same time, its simple operation process and low-temperature activation characteristics can make the bonding process more efficient and energy-saving

waterborne polyurethane adhesive can be used to bond interior parts with complex structures, such as the large curved surface of interior parts such as automobile door panels or the surface with grooves. It can also be used to bond various interior materials, such as cloth, fabric, leather and other materials. Therefore, this solution can give designers more flexibility to develop car interiors that conform to the trend

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