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Kerui invites you to join Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition

China Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (siaf2013) will be grandly opened in Guangzhou Import and export commodities trading exhibition hall on March, 2013. As the first exhibition held by Kerui group in the new year, it will bring its leading technology to the exhibition to share with the audience the latest technical products and solutions of Kerui, so that the audience can understand the latest application of Kerui technology in the automation field

he said: "As a human being, we produce a full range of conventional products including capacitive, inductive, photoelectric sensors and professional identification systems. In addition, adhering to Kerui's consistent innovation concept, a series of industry-related new technologies and products will be displayed on site, including tilt sensors, motion control, beacon systems applied to rail transit and other high-end products.

qg series tilt sensors are the new products to be promoted this time With high stability 3D-MEMS technology, the built-in micro sensor chip converts the capacitance value into electrical signal output. This series of products can realize single axis and double axis detection, and can be widely used in crane, lifting platform, agricultural machinery, suspension system, shipbuilding and other fields. I believe this product will bring a shock to our customers with its powerful functions and high-end quality. The main parameters of the product are:

shell: aluminum, stainless steel, pbtp materials are optional

uniaxial measurement range: 10, 15, 30, 90, 0 ~ 360

biaxial measurement range: 5, 10, and should be equipped with lifting holes or lifting rings, etc. 30, 45, 90, 2*360

output: analog quantity, digital quantity, CANopen, SPI

accuracy: Max 0.1

protection grade IP67

as another main product, ultrasonic slot label detector can accurately detect different kinds of labels. It can be assumed that in the near future, tissue engineering will enter the field of nursing and treatment through the influence of 3D printing (transparent foil, hot stamping or metal labels can be detected). It comes with three teach in methods, and the top button can be easily done; There are three color indicators, and the working status is displayed in real time; The response time is 300 s, which can detect the target material in high-speed operation; Select the appropriate output of the tension machine for the double opening and closing quantity, and detect the splicing and fracture of the labels and materials

the compact design allows it to adapt to different application environments, and the installation is very simple. This product can be widely used in packaging, printing, papermaking and other industries

over the years, Kerui has been widely recognized by customers in the automation field with its high-quality products and solutions. At this exhibition, Kerui will comprehensively show the audience its latest technical solutions and rich cutting-edge product lines. We sincerely invite new and old customers to our booth and look forward to sharing our technology and innovation with you

exhibition time: March 4-6, 2013

exhibition address: Guangzhou Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall

booth number: Hall 1.2 a251

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