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Kerui cooperates with abb to strengthen SiC cooperation and provide solutions in the automotive and industrial fields

will help Kerui expand its customer base, including electricity, trains, traction Providing silicon carbide (SIC) based solutions for high-power applications, including electric transportation, will help ABB's power division accelerate its entry into the high growth electric vehicle (EV) market

Cree Inc., a global silicon carbide (SIC) technology leader, and ABB's power division announced a cooperation to jointly expand the adoption of SiC in the fast-growing high-power semiconductor market. The agreement includes that Kerui wolfspeed SiC Based semiconductors will be used in ABB's complete product portfolio, and the speed control is not accurate, which will help Kerui expand its customer base and speed up ABB's entry into the rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) market

abb's power semiconductor product portfolio will use Kerui products, which are used in the markets of electricity, trains, traction, industry and electric transportation. In particular, Kerui's industry-leading SiC devices will be assembled in ABB power modules

Gregg Lowe, CEO of Kerui's technical requirements for products, including raw material requirements, sensory requirements, physical and chemical indicators and additive requirements, said: Kerui is committed to leading the global semiconductor market to transform to SiC based solutions with higher energy efficiency and performance. Abb is a global market leader in industrial power electrification solutions with a long history. The expansion of Kerui's cooperation with abb will help to improve the adoption of innovative and environmentally friendly SiC alternatives in the field of power and automotive. At the same time, the cooperation will help wolfspeed SiC enter new markets, including electricity and high-speed rail, and promote its continuous improvement in power, traction, industrial and electric vehicle markets

Rainer K smaier, managing director of semiconductor business of ABB's power division, said: the cooperation with Kerui will provide support for ABB's strategy of developing energy-efficient SiC semiconductors in the automotive and industrial fields. This also highlights ABB's continuous implementation of its goal of shaping the future and building a smarter and greener society through continuous technological innovation

compared with Si based semiconductors, SiC semiconductors can significantly reduce switching losses and significantly increase switching frequency. This means that energy conversion can achieve an efficiency of more than 99%, greatly reducing energy loss and playing an important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions

this advanced technology will help the adoption of SiC modules in locomotive traction inverters in the future, as well as high-voltage direct current transmission (HVDC), solar and wind energy inverters, energy storage and solid-state transformers for power transmission and distribution. For the electric vehicle market, this means that 1 the completion force, deformation and displacement are all digital 3 closed-loop control 78 malleable iron castings can achieve longer driving distance and faster charging time when using the same capacity battery

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