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Xinjiang Tianli paper six measures to promote team building to a higher level

the author learned from the Tianli paper company of the second agricultural division of the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps that in the past 2007, the Party committee of the company focused on Party building around the economy, did a good job in Party building and promoting the economy, and took six measures to ensure that the four good leadership building activities were solid, in-depth and fruitful:

focused on learning and improved the overall quality of the leadership

centering on the theme of the report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the scientificoutlookondevelopment, the Party committee of the company grasped the soul and the essence. Through holding symposiums, printing and distributing learning materials, and writing notes on reading experiences, the hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly used for stretching, tightening, zigzagging and shearing experiments of metal materials, constantly deepening the learning activities and unifying the ideological understanding of all team members, Enhance the consciousness and pertinence of leading group members in using the party's major theories to guide all work

pay attention to education and improve the ideological quality of Party members and the masses

the central learning group of the Party committee of the company has formulated a learning plan, established and improved the working system of Party building, paid close attention to the management of Party building objectives, formulated and improved the work plan for the establishment of five good party branches in grass-roots units and the assessment methods for five good party branches, closely combined the establishment of four good teams with the establishment of five good party branches, and closely combined the joint creation of Party building with the improvement of economic benefits of enterprises, so as to create an entrepreneurial environment for Party members A platform for excellence

focus on management and improve the economic benefits of enterprises

focusing on the overall development idea of expanding the market outside, tapping the potential inside and taking a diversified road, the company issued a series of new measures and methods, carried out in-depth enterprise management year and 6S management activities, strengthened enterprise management, actively promoted energy conservation, emission reduction and cleaner production, withstood the pressure of the market, and undertook the social cost of 1.43 million yuan for the whole year while maintaining sound and rapid economic development

grasp the carrier and enrich the connotation of creation activities

this year, the Party committee of the company carried out a series of activities to add luster to the party flag by carrying out the anti cult warning education and publicity. The activities to build a clean and honest government with the theme of implementing the several provisions of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the activities to welcome the National Day and celebrate the international day for the elderly, with big hands and small hands, but must be completed. These activities enriched the connotation of the creation activities, activated the cultural life of community workers, and made the creation activities entertaining and lively

strengthen self-discipline and promote the construction of party conduct and clean government

the Party committee of the company can adhere to the party's democratic centralism for the three important and one major problem. 5. Regularly check the transmission of the sprocket, implement the construction system of party conduct and clean government. The Party committee team has a clear division of labor, one post and two responsibilities, sign the objective statement of party conduct and clean government construction at all levels, adhere to the "five not only" principle in the selection and employment, and establish and improve the talent selection mechanism, talent supervision mechanism and talent reward and punishment mechanism. Believe in and rely on the employees, and wholeheartedly seek the interests of the employees who constitute a rigid framework. The nine practical things promised to retired cadres and employees at the beginning of the year have been fully implemented, and have been highly praised by the community

pay attention to publicity and create a good public opinion atmosphere

the Party committee of the company made use of the enterprise station, window and blackboard newspaper and other tools to vigorously publicize the party's policies, the exemplary deeds of front-line party members, cadres and workers, laws and regulations, safe construction, safe production, papermaking science and technology knowledge, etc., educated the people around them with the things around them, improved the centripetal force and combat effectiveness of the Party committee team, and condensed a strong spiritual power for building a harmonious enterprise and harmonious community

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