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Midea manufacturing: Six Sigma is our way of life After a speech by Welch, Fang Hongbo seemed to find a new direction for Midea and decided to fully implement Six Sigma in Midea. From manual production to small-scale batch production to flexible manufacturing, Midea has accumulated more than 20 years of production experience. After rounds of competition, the group culture is returning to the emphasis on quality. "Six Sigma is our way of life."

this is one of the contents of "Six Sigma daily learning" posted in the bathroom of Midea Shunde headquarters. From the beginning of the new year, this kind of daily learning to promote Six Sigma will be replaced with new content by special personnel every morning

six sigma culture permeates the office and production environment. If you are careful enough, you will find that a six sigma logo that is very similar to the trademark of Midea is added to all the marks of Midea

from manual production, to small-scale batch production, to flexible manufacturing, Midea has accumulated more than 20 years of production experience. After rounds of competition, the group culture is returning to attach importance to quality

manufacturing upgrade

in the 1980s, Midea was still in the stage of manual production; In the 1990s, Midea began small-scale assembly line production. At this stage, Midea's output of various electrical products exceeded 1million sets, increasing at a rate of 30% per year

tianhongfeng, who previously worked as Midea's quality improvement manager, reviewed Midea's production transformation process

until 2000, Midea stayed in the traditional mass production mode based on production and sales. This is because 80% of its business came from domestic sales, and the output was driven by planning. Under this extensive order driven production, the single product variety is one of its characteristics

since 2000, due to the rapid opening of overseas sales market, the situation of domestic sales dominated has gradually changed. In this year, the output of air conditioners alone was between 1.5 million and 1.8 million units

tianhongfeng introduced that the production plan target for 2005 was 5million sets, and more than 20000 orders had been received from overseas. The biggest feature of overseas orders is that the number of orders is large, but the number of each order is small

this situation of increasing overseas orders since 2000 has made more than 100 product models operating on the production line at the same time every day, and the mode of mass production is no longer applicable

how to realize rapid transformation on the same production line in the fastest time, complete the production of different models of products, and meet the quality requirements. Since 2002, Midea has decided to implement flexible production in the company

last year, Midea made a joint venture with Toshiba. Midea's main consideration was to learn from the advanced manufacturing experience and production management level of Japanese enterprises through joint venture, so as to improve its own production level and production management level

with this flexible production mode, the production line is becoming shorter and shorter, which is also a development trend. Workers are required to be versatile in one post. Previously, a production line required 60 people, but now only 30 people

the flexible production started in 2002 has solved the production demand of different models of products, but it has not met the demand to ensure product quality, which is also the demand of the current round of Midea to improve product quality

in addition, after the noise of marketing leading the market in the past few years, consumers began to rationally return to the requirements for product quality from flashy choices such as product concept and price choice

strategic layout

Midea has completed the strategic layout of product lines and production bases through a series of actions in the past two years

in terms of product structure, Midea has successively purchased Rongshida and Hualing, making the product line expand to washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and a variety of small household appliances, covering almost all white household appliances

in a previous media interview, he Xiangjian, CEO of Midea Group, disclosed Midea's production plan for 2005. The total number of various household appliances is more than 10million. During the peak production period last year, more than 50000 sets of products were offline in one day

multiple product lines and high output bring great challenges to product quality

the stable domestic market, the increasing overseas market share and the production capacity of more than 10 million are the most commendable of Midea. But at the same time, the top management of Midea is troubled by the enterprise management and the control of product quality

but this is not all they worry about. Years of price wars have made profits thinner and thinner, and consumers more and more picky; The recent macro-control has led to higher and higher prices of raw materials including steel and copper, as well as their energy consumption. In the accounting of last year alone, the cost increased by 40%

caught between the rise of raw materials and the double squeeze of market profits, it has become a common trend in the household appliance industry to control production costs and manage profits, and Midea is no exception

in addition to providing finished products for the market, Midea is still an upstream link in the supply chain of some foreign home appliance manufacturers. However, after repeated experimental verification, these foreign major customers, who were previously passive consumers, have gradually become active managers to intervene in production management

In 2003, Electrolux set up a permanent office in Midea, which put forward strict requirements on the production process and product quality

this year, Electrolux 'order has increased to more than 1 million units, accounting for 30% of the overseas market of the United States. As a prerequisite for the order, Electrolux requires that Midea must establish a Six Sigma quality management system as soon as possible

cross regional quality management, quality requirements of the market, unique requirements of overseas orders, and various competitions and pressures have become the most concerned issues of Midea

how to promote the balanced development of Six Sigma in terms of cost, efficiency and quality? How to improve Midea's management level

is a question that fanghongbo, vice president of Midea Group and general manager of air conditioning division, has been thinking about in the past year. In the middle of last year, he listened to Jack, a management master After a speech by Welch, he seemed to find a new direction for Midea and decided to fully implement Six Sigma in Midea

shiguolin, director of Midea's home air conditioning division, said that at a morning meeting last year, all management backbones attended, Fang Hongbo conveyed to all employees his determination to promote Six Sigma: all those who obstruct Six Sigma should be "killed"

then, tianhongfeng, Midea's quality improvement manager, was appointed as the director of the Six Sigma promotion office, directly responsible for the Six Sigma promotion leading group composed of the general managers of the subsidiaries led by Hongbo

in August, 2004, Tian Hongfeng began to investigate the Six Sigma project, including project positioning, organizational structure setting, selection of consulting companies, etc

at ② the 2004 annual meeting of increasing R & D requirements, 2005 was determined as the company's quality year, and it was decided to invest 200million yuan in quality, of which six sigma was the most important project, and the Six Sigma project was promoted to the level of the company's development strategy

the content of this strategy is the transformation of the Six Sigma whole process system, including operation, sales, R & D, manufacturing and quality. On the specific projects for which the electronic universal experimental machine needs to be preheated, the first batch of 35 projects have been established, including 20 black belt projects, with a revenue of 1million yuan for each project and 500000 yuan for 15 green belt projects, with a cycle of 3 to 6 months

how to implement Six Sigma? Apart from specific project improvements, tianhongfeng introduced that Midea will start from several aspects at the same time. On the platform of institutional culture, establish a black belt and green belt certification management system, requiring all Midea's middle and senior management to reach the green belt level within 2 years

in terms of publicity, Six Sigma will be the focus of publicity for a period of time in the future. The publicity materials cover all offices and production bases of the company, including toilets

in the construction of information platform, based on the needs of comprehensively promoting Six Sigma, an MES information platform is established to collect the data and defects of various key equipment in the production site, and rely on it to contact ERP, SCM and marketing information systems

tianhongfeng introduced that the goal expected to be achieved through Six Sigma is: in terms of quality, Midea's ultimate goal is zero defects. The product maintenance rate has decreased by 30% every year since 2003, but there is still a gap from the 5% level of Toshiba. He hopes to reach this level in 2008

he also revealed that since 2005, Midea has extended the product warranty period to six years, and will make a large-scale promotion on March 15 this year. This will change the practice that the warranty period of products in the household appliance industry is 3 years

in terms of productivity improvement, the minimum target is to increase by 10% per year, but internally, the target is 20%

in terms of process, it is hoped to establish a target index system for the whole process, which will include product quality, management ability, operation ability and profitability

as the director of the Six Sigma promotion office, Tian Hongfeng is very proud that the company attaches great importance to this project. He disclosed that the company will hold a high-profile Six Sigma launch conference in March. (end)

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