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Guangxi six kinds of food processing enterprises will become bigger and stronger

Guangxi can also be equipped with ordinary computer fruit and vegetable processing, convenience food, dairy products, famous wine, starch, meat processing six kinds of food processing enterprises will develop to large-scale and collectivization

food enterprises such as Heiwu, Guilin Liquan, Wuzhou protein casing factory, Guangxi Mingyang biochemical, Wuzhou Bingquan, Guangxi Hongyan, Huang's dairy, which are already well-known in China, are among the first to become bigger and stronger, striving to achieve the combination of brand and capital, capital and technology, so as to improve the processing depth and added value of agricultural and sideline products. Fixture design is mainly based on the shape and material of samples. By 2005, the total output value of the region's food industry will strive to reach 14.5 billion yuan

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