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On October 19, China tire intelligent manufacturing and Standardization Alliance (ctimsa) held the second meeting of the Council in Qingdao. The meeting mainly displayed and discussed the first drafts of six standards, including the tire industry intelligent manufacturing data dictionary. The national tire and rim Standardization Technical Committee, the national rubber and Plastic Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, scientific research institutes of relevant national ministries and commissions, and experts and scholars from the rubber tire industry attended the meeting

In his speech, Wang Kexian, director of the expert technical committee of the alliance, pointed out that since the establishment of China intelligent manufacturing and Standardization Alliance in November 2017, all major tire enterprises, rubber and plastic machine enterprises and experts and scholars in related professional fields have paid close attention to and actively participated in it. This year, Hangzhou Zhongce, piertz, FESTO, Mitsubishi and other enterprises applied to join. In addition, SEBS foaming materials have the following characteristics: with the deepening of composite material research and the extension of practical utilization, some units are actively communicating with the alliance. He said that the alliance is an open platform. International enterprises and institutions are welcome to join in and jointly promote the intelligent manufacturing process of the rubber industry

Wang Kexian stressed that over the past year, the soft control shares, the chairman unit of the alliance, together with the upstream and downstream tire manufacturing enterprises in the alliance, actively promoted various work under the guidance and support of relevant national departments, and made certain achievements. In terms of tire intelligent manufacturing standardization, soft control Co., Ltd. discussed and formulated the first drafts of six most important and urgent intelligent manufacturing standards for the rubber industry on the basis of communication with major tire enterprises, China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute, China Academy of engineering and other experts in various fields. With the work foundation of the previous paragraph and the planning for the next step of the meeting, the alliance will be able to formulate high-quality and high-level standards

zhanghongmin, chairman of Shandong Rubber Industry Association, said that intelligent manufacturing standard is a sharp weapon for industry transformation and upgrading. At present, Shandong Province has implemented the "leader" system of enterprise standards, continued to carry out the "standardization" action, and regarded standardization as an important policy tool and powerful engine for transformation and upgrading at the industrial level; Shandong Rubber Industry Association will spare no effort to participate in the formulation and implementation of industry standards and do its best to serve the transformation, upgrading and leapfrog development of the industry

Yu Mingjin, the rotating president of soft control, said that since the concept of intelligent factory was first put forward in the rubber industry in 2014, soft control has established an intelligent manufacturing R & D system based on modularity/standardization and system reliability and driven by the innovation of a new generation of information technology. Based on the current situation of the tire industry, soft control has designed a seven layer architecture diagram of the tire intelligent factory to guide the construction of the tire intelligent factory. In terms of project practice, soft control has completed more than 30 sets of digital workshop transformation and upgrading projects in the world, and completed the world's first full process automated and intelligent tire intelligent manufacturing demonstration plant and the first intelligent internal mixing manufacturing plant in the rubber products industry. Recently, soft control has also created the world's first tire intelligent factory experience center, which is a customer experience platform, product testing platform and technology upgrading platform. In the future, it can also serve as a verification platform for the intelligent manufacturing standards of the Standardization Committee and the alliance

subsequently, Liufeng, Secretary General of the alliance and vice president of software control, made the annual work summary of China tire intelligent manufacturing and Standardization Alliance and deployed the next work of the alliance. Songjiwei, director of the perceptual Technology Research Office of China Institute of electronic technology standardization, interpreted the guidelines for the construction of national intelligent manufacturing standard system (2018 Edition). Relevant personnel of the alliance Secretariat introduced the first drafts of six standards, including the standard for intelligent manufacturing data dictionary of tire industry, the deployment specification for logistics system of tire industry, the tire equipment health management standard, the deployment specification for MES system of tire industry manufacturing, the unified architecture standard for interconnection of tire intelligent factories, and the visual management standard for tire intelligent factories, The experts and scholars present at the meeting put forward suggestions for each standard and had a brief discussion, which defined the direction for the subsequent standard revision and brought about a long-term demand for cobalt

after the meeting, the participants went to Jiaozhou to visit the soft control intelligent factory experience center and jointly observed the work of soft control in intelligent manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing standard verification

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