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Great! Six Liugong cranes were delivered at one time to help build the great Tibetan area

awesome! Six Liugong cranes are delivered at one time to help build the greater Tibet area. Corrosive gas is generated during the decomposition of China's construction machinery information Shigatse, Tibet - a city between the middle of the Himalayas and the middle of the Gangdise - nyainqentangla mountains. The world's highest mountain - Mount Qomolangma and Yangzhuoyong Lake, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, are located here

Shigatse, Tibet

flowers bloom in spring. In March, major key projects in Shigatse have started in succession. 9. Why should we build a demonstration platform for the production and utilization of new materials?. On the 4th, six Liugong cranes were delivered to the local well-known dareva group at one time here for the development of Jiangdang 10000 mu agricultural ecological industrial park

speaking of "working with the national development and Reform Commission to revise and report the petrochemical industry layout plan, and preparing and releasing the layout plan for the innovative development of modern coal chemical industry, dareva", in Tibetan, it refers to the people living behind the horse circle of farmers and herdsmen. However, in Shigatse, this word is a symbol of wealth - there are dareva real estate company, dareva driving school, dareva Hotel, dareva highland barley distillery... The business of dareva group has penetrated into all aspects of daily life of Shigatse people

from a construction team with only a dozen people to a large enterprise group integrating construction, highway engineering, water conservancy, real estate, agricultural and sideline products, service industry, automobile inspection and driving training, with an asset of 570million yuan, the friendship between dareva and Liugong has also continued for nearly 20 years. At present, the group has dozens of Liugong loaders, excavators, cranes and other construction machinery and equipment. In order to develop the Jiangdang 10000 mu agricultural ecological industrial park project and build new homes for more than 10000 poor villagers who live in Shigatse, where there is a wide space for the development of recycled plastic granulators, dareva group has planned to purchase more automobile cranes since last year. Among many brands, dareva finally chose Liugong

Liugong crane helps to build the great Tibetan area

"from the construction team of dareva to the present, dareva has been able to develop and grow based on the principle of honesty and trustworthiness. It is also because we have partners like Liugong who support each other all the way that we have today's capital and accumulation." The person in charge of daware group described the deep friendship between him and Liugong with brotherhood: "Liugong has cooperated with us for so many years, and we are like brothers. Liugong's own product quality is very excellent, and the service is very timely and efficient. Liugong crane has conquered the extreme working conditions in Antarctica. I am also full of confidence in the performance of Liugong crane in Tibet!"

it is reported that the six Liugong cranes will build Jiangdang 10000 mu Agricultural Ecological Industrial Park into a new comprehensive industrial park. In the future, facilities such as Nongjiale picking Park, high-quality forage and high-efficiency breeding demonstration area, processing industry and ecological forest seedling breeding demonstration area will be built here. Liugong equipment and service personnel will, as always, fully support the development and construction of Tibetan areas, and write the legend of extreme working conditions and powerful equipment on this hot land

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