Shiyoumumen teaches you to take the good door home

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A good wooden door should not only pursue good functional experience, but also bring beautiful visual enjoyment. Facing the complicated wooden door market, how can we choose satisfactory products? Shiyou wooden door teaches you "five looks" to take a good door home

it goes without saying that good wooden doors can not only bring beautiful visual enjoyment, but also comfortable functional experience. It not only makes you happy, but also brings a scenery to others. Only when the quality of wooden doors is qualified, can they have a good "appearance". So how to choose good wooden doors with good quality and high appearance value in the complex market? Shiyou teaches you "five looks" to take the good door home

look at "skin type"

makeup will be good only if the skin has a good foundation, moist and elastic. Wooden doors are the same. Only natural and high-quality raw materials can make wooden doors "radiant". Therefore, the logs of shiyoumumen are collected from tropical rainforests with abundant rain and sunshine from all over the world and alpine areas suitable for the growth of rare wood. After natural nourishment, the wood of trees is more compact and flexible, fine and strong. The natural wood fragrance emitted is environmental friendly and simple, and it is the best raw material for wooden doors

(Shiyou wooden door teaches you "five looks" to take a good door home)

look at the "skin layer"

People's temperament and face will also differ due to different skin thickness, and so will wooden doors. The thickness of the wooden door has a great influence on the stability of the door, visual sense and the taste of the owner. However, it is not that the thicker the wooden door, the better. The research and development team of Shiyou wooden door believes that the 45mm thickness is just right, which can not only ensure the structural stability of the wooden door and achieve a certain sound insulation effect, but also the 45mm thick wooden door is more beautiful and generous, low luxury and thick after carving and decoration

(45mm thick door leaf of Shiyou wooden door)

look at "foundation make-up"

exquisite makeup is not only a kind of respect for others, but also a pursuit of beauty. The same is true of wooden doors. Only when the painting process is in place, the wooden doors will be durable and interesting. The unique 6-way dust-free painting process of Shiyou wooden door explains the perfect combination of science and technology and nature. High quality water-based environmental protection paint makes the paint film more adhesive and wear-resistant, highlights the natural texture of wood, and "no makeup off" fine makeup with good permeability is everyone's pursuit

(the paint surface of Shiyou wooden door is smooth and exquisite)

look at the "face type"

different face types are suitable for different hairstyles and makeup, which is also the case when we match the wooden door for the overall home style. The tone and linetype echo the style of the overall style. Shiyou wooden door combines ancient essence and modern wisdom. Whether it is modern simplicity or retro luxury, natural freshness or dignified elegance, Shiyou wooden door can be easily controlled

(Shiyou wooden door, the original wooden door shows the most expensive luxury)

look at "temperament"

beautiful people are perfect if their temperament is gentle and kind. In addition to the meticulous study of quality and technology, the after-sales service of Shiyou wooden door is also constantly improving. From door-to-door measurement to order arrangement and production, from door-to-door delivery to free installation, integrated services make it easier to buy doors and save consumers from many worries




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