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in the past, I had limited working income and rented a house. It was really hard to recall. In order to save money, I have lived in a house facing the roadside for several years, and all kinds of noisy noises are continuous. I can't sleep more for a while, which is annoying. Now, I finally have my own house. When decorating, I decided to do a good job in the sound insulation of the house. After all, if I want to live a comfortable life, I still have to rely on noise reduction. I also consulted the decorator three or four times before and after, and asked him which is good for soundproof doors and windows

? Because the community where my new house is located is equipped with roads, barbecue shops and a large square nearby, the neighborhood is still very prosperous and lively. Before buying a house, we looked at the complete supporting facilities in small and medium-sized areas, but we didn't consider that these are also the main source of noise in the community, and the noise pollution is the first to be borne by the main bedroom facing the street. Considering these, I hurried to ask the decorator to recommend me suitable sound insulation door and window products

? The decoration master recommended that the products of bailima doors and windows are made of good materials. Generally, the soundproof glass on the market is made of PVC sealant, while their household is made of imported EPDM adhesive strips. Moreover, the automobile grade tempered glass they use is also thicker than the ordinary glass in the market. The door and window products are produced by imported equipment through intelligent production, with stable quality and good sound insulation effect. After hearing what the master said, I am also very relieved of bailima doors and windows. I directly place orders, customize and install them in their offline stores. Now I have lived in my new house for two weeks, and the sound insulation effect is very strong

? After installing new doors and windows, I specially bought a decibel tester to test the noise level at home. In the morning, the radio on the nearby roads and squares was particularly noisy, with the noise of more than 60 decibels, and there was no way to sleep in without closing the windows; In the evening, the barbecue shop downstairs is noisy, with more than 70 decibels. You can't read in peace. After I closed the doors and windows, the human ear clearly felt that the outdoor noise was blocked, and then measured with a decibel tester, it was only more than 30 decibels! A moment ago, it was as if you were in a noisy vegetable market, and you could switch to quiet mode in a second. This feeling was wonderful

? Up to now, it is really important to find a quiet and relaxing space. Even if the work is not satisfactory, as long as you close the doors and windows, you feel that you have abandoned the pressure outside the house, and your life after work has become comfortable. Do you have this feeling? Quiet home, belima. With safety as the starting point, comfort and convenience as the starting point, bailima doors and windows redefines your high-end residential life with the concept of environmental protection and health. If you want to know more information and have questions about high-end doors and windows, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, doors and windows, and windows agents, please call 400-9999-600 for consultation. Bailima doors and windows - your exclusive door and window customization expert





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