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Original title: full decoration is not charged separately, and is included in the total price of housing

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■ our reporter Sun Hui, correspondent Yang Zhou

on May 22, the "administrative measures for the full decoration of commercial housing in Hainan Province (for Trial Implementation)" which has attracted much social attention was officially issued, and the measures will be officially implemented from July 1 this year. Hainan will become the first province in China to fully implement the full decoration of commercial housing

what is the significance and effect of implementing full decoration on the development of the real estate market in our province? How should the relevant departments ensure that the implementation of the full decoration is standardized and orderly, and ensure that consumers get their due interests? In this regard, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development made a comprehensive interpretation of the content of the measures on the day when it officially issued the measures for the management of the full decoration of commercial residential buildings in Hainan Province

I why should Hainan fully implement full decoration

at present, the second decoration of the blank house after delivery is basically entrusted by the owner to the home decoration enterprises or individuals without corresponding qualifications. The relevant systems and regulations for the secondary decoration of commercial housing are not perfect, which is in the blind spot of government supervision, and there are many decoration loopholes. First, the quality is not guaranteed. Decoration engineering is highly professional. Most owners do not know much about decoration knowledge, and are in a weak position in the face of decoration enterprises and material suppliers. In particular, some bad enterprises and foremen use fraud, threats and other means to illegally obtain benefits, so it is difficult to protect the normal rights and interests of owners; Second, a large amount of construction waste is generated, resulting in serious material waste. It is estimated that in the past three years, the average annual construction waste produced by the decoration of commercial residential buildings in our province is about 347500 tons, and the average annual cost spent on the treatment of construction waste is about 86.8469 million yuan, which was as high as 145.2488 million yuan in 2016, which consumed a lot of social costs. Third, noise and dust pollution are serious. After the delivery of the house, the decoration time of the owners of the community is scattered in different time periods, and the decoration noise and dust are continuous. The owners who have checked in are not tired of it, which reduces the living comfort and is prone to neighborhood disputes; Fourth, the owner's self decoration management is poor, and the accident risk is high

the implementation of full decoration of housing is also an important measure for our province to promote supply side structural reform, promote green development and new urbanization, and speed up the construction of a beautiful new Hainan. It is conducive to improving the quality of commercial housing and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of real estate in our province; It is conducive to promoting the industrialized construction production mode and promoting the integrated development of related industries; It is conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection, and promotes the green rise of our province; It is conducive to standardizing the decoration market, ensuring the quality and safety of decoration, safeguarding the rights and interests of the masses, and promoting social harmony

II. How to understand full decoration

the so-called full decoration refers to the completion of decoration and installation of basic facilities such as walls, floors and other fixed surfaces of the house, water and electricity pipelines, switches and sockets, and the installation of fixed facilities such as cabinets and sanitary ware in the kitchen and bathroom, which basically belongs to what the masses often say “ Hard installation ” Category, and “ Fine decoration ” There are certain differences. The concept of full decoration in our province is defined according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, and it is also the consensus of other provinces and cities in China on the definition of full decoration

what is the implementation scope of Sanquan decoration

all commercial houses in our province should be fully decorated. The purchase objects of affordable housing and shantytown reconstruction projects are mainly local residents in Hainan, and the housing is mainly based on rigid demand and improving demand. In order to better protect the actual housing demand of local residents and reduce the purchase pressure of local residents, non-commercial housing, affordable housing projects and shantytown reconstruction projects can be fully decorated with reference to these measures, and full decoration delivery is not mandatory

how to ensure the decoration quality of commercial housing after the implementation of "four complete decoration"

how to ensure the decoration quality is the core issue of the whole decoration and the focus of government supervision. First, adhere to qualified professional enterprises for decoration design, construction and supervision, “ Professional people do professional things ”. The second is to highlight the integration of design and construction. Decoration, as a part of the whole residential engineering construction, is integrated with civil engineering design and construction to achieve deep integration and improve the design level and construction quality level

the third is to incorporate the decoration quality management into the construction quality management system. Like the current main structure construction, the competent government departments should carry out quality supervision over the whole process of decoration construction, the decoration drawings should be reviewed, the decoration enterprises should be qualified, the materials used for decoration should be inspected and accepted, the construction process should be supervised and inspected, and the decoration should be accepted after completion. Fourth, pay attention to the control of indoor air pollutants, and specially prepare the technical regulations for air pollution control. The indoor environmental quality should be tested, and the unqualified houses cannot be handed over, so as to avoid the harmful gases and other pollutants in the houses after decoration exceeding the standard and endangering the health of the people. Fifth, the house purchase contract should stipulate the main decoration materials, construction quality and quality warranty period, and the residential quality guarantee and residential use manual should specify the warranty content and use instructions of decoration. Through these measures “ Ensure quality, clarify responsibilities, reduce disputes, improve quality and promote development ” The goal of full decoration

5. Different consumers have different decoration needs. How to reflect the personalization of decoration

the full decoration range is “ Hard mount ”, Not for the “ Soft installation ” Make restrictions and reserve a large space for personalization. We also encourage development enterprises to be market-oriented and provide fully decorated houses of different grades and styles according to differentiated consumption needs, so as to prevent the uniformity of thousands of houses

before obtaining the pre-sale license, the development enterprises should set up model houses and product display areas as the standard reference for house decoration, so that the masses can more intuitively feel the decoration style and quality standards. At the same time, with the continuous development of the decoration industry, new forms and models of decoration, such as menu decoration, will continue to emerge and mature, and personalization will continue to be met

VI is the decoration price calculated separately from the house price

there is no special charge for full decoration, and the cost will be included in the total price of commercial housing. The total price of the fully decorated commercial residence shall be stipulated in the commercial housing sales contract signed by the construction unit and the buyer, and the specific standards of the main decoration materials, components, equipment, construction quality and quality warranty period shall be specified. If the above contents are not specified in the contract, it is not allowed to apply to the housing management department for contract filing

VII. What are the requirements for enterprises engaged in full decoration

design, construction, supervision and other units engaged in full decoration activities must have corresponding qualifications issued by the competent construction administrative department. Decoration projects are related to the safety of people's lives and property. The design, construction and supervision units engaged in decoration activities must be legal and have the ability to undertake corresponding businesses. According to the construction law, the administrative license law and other laws and regulations, the state has set up an employment license for enterprises engaged in decoration activities. The housing and urban rural construction department, as the unified supervision and Management Department of construction activities, has set up corresponding qualification categories for building decoration projects. Units engaged in the design, construction and supervision of full decoration must obtain the corresponding qualification certificates issued by the construction administrative department in accordance with the law. At present, there are 250 enterprises in our province with professional contracting qualification for building decoration issued by the construction administrative department, and 555 enterprises from other provinces have entered Hainan, which can meet the current needs of residential decoration. For a large number of home decoration enterprises that have not obtained corresponding qualifications in the current decoration market, their survival and development should be taken into account in the policy

what are the requirements for the construction organization mode of full decoration

the construction unit shall contract out the decoration works in the residential project to the general contracting unit of residential project construction. The construction law, regulations on the quality management of construction projects and other laws and regulations stipulate that the construction unit shall not dismember the construction project. The Ministry of housing and urban rural development stipulates that “ The construction unit divides the construction of a unit project into several parts and contracts them to different general construction contractors or professional contractors ” It belongs to illegal contract awarding. The opinions of the general office of the State Council on promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the construction industry (GBF [2017] No. 19) and the "13th five year plan" for the development of the construction industry put forward requirements for the implementation of general contracting. As a sub project of the unit project, the decoration project, if the construction unit decomposes the construction of the sub project of the decoration project from the whole residential project and directly contracts it to units other than the general contractor, constitutes a dismemberment contract, which is an illegal act and will bear corresponding legal responsibilities

IX what are the other measures to implement full decoration

in order to strongly support the full implementation of the full decoration, we need to further refine and clarify the technical and management requirements of the full decoration, and plan to issue five relevant supporting standards and specifications. First, Hainan Province fully decorated residential interior decoration design standards, refine and clarify the specific design content and technical standards of our province fully decorated, and guide the preparation of design documents; Second, the key points of drawing review of construction drawing design documents of fully decorated residential buildings in Hainan Province, ensure the implementation of design content and technical standards, standardize design behavior, and provide operable guidance for drawing review; Third, Hainan Province fully decorated residential decoration project quality acceptance specifications, clear the acceptance methods, quality standards and procedures of the full decoration, guide and standardize the construction and acceptance of the full decoration of residential buildings; Fourth, the technical regulations for pollution control in the interior decoration of fully decorated residential buildings in Hainan Province, protect the ecological advantages of Hainan, formulate pollution control technical regulations higher than the national standards, provide guidance for the control of indoor pollutants in the stages of design, material selection, construction, acceptance, etc., prevent indoor pollutants from exceeding the standard, and ensure the health of the masses; Fifth, revise the "residential quality guarantee" and "residential use manual" to adapt to the implementation of full decoration of residential buildings, and clarify the quality content of full decoration and residential use and operation instructions, so as to better ensure the quality and protect the rights and interests of consumers. These five supporting standard documents will be issued before July 1 this year




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