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Xibo cupboard successfully entered Shangri La, the paradise that the world has been looking for for for a long time. Feel and experience it with your heart, and the pure land where your heart can fly. The kitchen that Xibo cupboard has always advocated is no longer a simple kitchen, not just a place for frying and cooking, but a place that moves with your heart and contains life inspiration! Follow the imagination of your heart into the dream Shangri La, feel the local people's customs, and wish Xibo cabinet Shangri La franchise store to open as soon as possible, and business is booming

shangri la county is one of the counties with the largest area and the lowest population density in Yunnan Province. Due to this large and small size, virgin gouqing and mountains can be found everywhere, and many natural secrets are treasured in these inaccessible places. Hengduan Mountain, located in the southeast of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, is the place where several major rivers in Asia flow. The carving effect of these rivers for thousands of years has created a large area of magnificent natural landscape that is almost the only one in the world

the magical and beautiful mountains and rivers and the accumulation of ancient national culture breed the kind and broad-minded character of all ethnic groups in Shangri La County, which also makes the national festivals in this area unique charm. The horse race meeting on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the most solemn festival in the county. At this time, good players gather, famous horses hiss, and the racetrack becomes a hero's club. "Danba city" and "Gedong Festival" are two religious festivals with peculiar and mysterious forms and rich and thought-provoking connotations. Naxi's "February 8th" and Yi's "Torch Festival" have become the best ways for people of all ethnic groups to express their feelings

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