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Guitang group made a full score answer to the "six questions" on safety

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at the recent work meeting of Guitang group, chairman Zhu Bing reported that Guitang group had achieved safe production in 2019 without fatal fire accidents, no death or serious injury to more than three people, no major equipment accidents, no occupational disease accidents, no major traffic accidents The "six zeros" goal of no environmental pollution accident has been achieved. 27 branches, departments (offices) that have signed the management letter of safety production objectives with the company have achieved zero injury, and all safety indicators are effectively controlled within the specified range. It is especially emphasized that this is the best achievement made by Guitang group in its history

with this unprecedented goal of "six zeros", we will explore how Guitang group company pays attention to safety production

leaders attach importance to setting an example

Guitang group is an old state-owned enterprise established in 1956. Up to now, it has gone through more than 60 years of ups and downs, transforming from a state-owned enterprise to a private enterprise, and reorganizing from a private enterprise to a state-owned holding enterprise. No matter how the enterprise restructures, the company has always made unremitting efforts to work safety. Zhu Bing, the chairman of the board of directors, Chen Jian, the general manager, the former deputy general manager in charge of safety and other members of the leading group conscientiously perform their respective safety. Safety must be emphasized at every meeting. Safety production work is deployed in person at the monthly safety regular meeting. Safety inspections in sensitive periods and major holidays are carried out by themselves. Safety supervisors and patrols more than twice a month participate in on-site duty as middle-level leaders. Here, we will not only provide you with high-quality experimental machines and equipment, but also sign safety production certificates at all levels through the linkage of the whole company due to the exemplary role of leaders at all levels. Tamp the safety foundation and make compaction safe

safety input as a guarantee

the troops and horses are not moving, and the food and grass are first. Guitang group has never been vague about its investment in safety production for many years. From the publicity of safety culture, the rectification of potential safety hazards, the construction of safety infrastructure to the training and treatment of full-time safety officers, the funds are in place. It is understood that Guitang Group invested 2.6684 million in safety production costs in 2019. The input budget for work safety in 2020 is 3035600 yuan

hidden danger investigation and treatment source

in 2019, Guitang Group Co., Ltd. organized full-time safety administrators, firefighters, engineering technicians, foremen of hazardous chemicals posts, labor unions and relevant personnel of the human resources department of all units to conduct 12 joint inspections of the company's monthly safety production, occupational health and production site for 200 posts in the production area. A total of 219 problems were investigated and remedied, including 118 accident hidden dangers (all general hidden dangers), There were 7 violations (all external construction personnel), 35 at the production site, 1 in occupational health and 58 in other categories. The rectification rate of hidden dangers was 100%. Effectively prevent various production safety accidents

In 2019, Guitang group revised the safety mutual insurance system, requiring two or more employees of the company to establish safety Mutual Insurance pairs during production operations and reach a supervision contract, so as to ensure that both parties are aware of each other, take care of each other, supervise each other and guarantee each other during operation, and have the right to supervise others' compliance with rules and disciplines and stop illegal operations, It also has the obligation to be supervised by others. The safety mutual insurance and joint insurance shall jointly bear the safety risks for the sub insurance. In case of any violation of rules and regulations or safety accident of any party, the safety mutual insurance and joint insurance must bear a certain degree of responsibility for other personnel within the sub scope. If either party gets the safety reward, the safety mutual insurance and joint insurance will also get a certain degree of reward to other personnel in the subsidiary. Due to the implementation of the binding and obligation of safety production, the employees understand the common undertaking, risk sharing and benefit sharing, so that each employee can more consciously do a good job in safety production from the subtle point of view and prevent safety accidents

the "six questions" of safety have made great achievements

Guitang group takes the "six questions" of safety as an important starting point, continuously improves the construction of the dual prevention system of safety risk identification and control and hidden danger troubleshooting and governance, highlights publicity and education, strengthens hidden danger troubleshooting, deepens special governance, and continuously improves the comprehensive management ability of safety production. In recent years, there has been a trend of frequent and sudden production safety accidents in industrial and trade enterprises, among which the use of flammable and explosive dust, metallurgical gas, liquid ammonia and other major safety production risk factors have become the main source of various production safety accidents. The production process of Guitang group involves high-risk hazard sources such as thermal power boilers and liquid chlorine. In order to strengthen the safety production awareness, risk awareness and duty performance awareness of leading cadres and employees at all levels, further strengthen the construction of safety production culture and improve the safety production management level, the management of the company has decided to carry out the "six questions" of safety production. From then on, the "six questions" of safety were like a sharp sword coming out of the scabbard, pointing directly at the hearts of the people. Question 1: what is my duty? Second question: where are the risk points and hazards of our company? Question 3: are these risk points and hazard sources under control? Who is in charge? Is the management legal? Does it work? Can I rest assured? 4. Is there any potential safety hazard in the risk points and hazard sources of our company? Is it serious? Is it controllable? Do you know how to deal with problems? Five questions: do I know the above four questions? Do I have confidence that the thermal deformation temperature can reach 175? Am I under pressure? Am I afraid? Have I done my duty? Have you done your best? If everything in front of us has been done well and with confidence, we should continue to do well. Six questions: what if the "five questions" are not clear and the measures are not effective? We should aim at the problems, analyze the causes, come up with ways to improve

safety in order to measure and control the experimental process, the dual prevention system of risk identification and control and hidden danger troubleshooting and treatment is a key measure to prevent safety accidents from the source. The "six questions" work of safety promotes the company's leading cadres and employees to consciously think about the source problems and analyze the reasons for the great breakthrough in the development potential of China's plastic extruder industry from the subjective, leadership and working methods, Further recognize the risk points and sources, strengthen risk management, and promote the safety production work, organization and control measures in place

Guitang group regards the "six questions" work as the main body of implementation at all levels, and an important means to investigate and master the safety status of various production posts. First, formulate the implementation plan for publicity and implementation, take effective measures, and promote the work with key, planned and phased objectives. Second, actively hold work exchange meetings. For various major risk factors and hidden dangers of work safety and occupational hazards, establish "one table and one figure", dynamic cancellation and closed-loop management, and strictly implement red, orange, yellow and blue hierarchical control and governance according to law. Third, improve the safety production management system, establish the identification and control of risk points and hazard sources, and achieve "six questions" and "improvement". Fourth, the "six questions" understanding card for safety shall be made. The management personnel shall place the understanding card in a prominent position on the desk, and the workshop and team shall post the understanding card in a prominent position on the wall, as a solemn commitment to safety by the enterprise, workshop, team and post employees. Fifth, organize the self inspection and rectification of the "six questions" and the "look back" inspection to ensure that the "six questions" are not formalized

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