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Personalization of digital post press binding

now, the digital wind has blown into all fields of the printing industry, and post press processing is no exception. Let's walk into the digital printing world of post press binding and see what happens there

if you still have doubts about the importance of digital printing to the whole industry, let me tell you that the American Printing Industry Association/the American Printing Technology Foundation (pia/gatf) has designated 2006 as the "year of digital printing"

pia/gatf plans to spend one year this year, by holding a series of activities, conferences and training, to encourage printing houses to adopt digital printing technology, expand their current business scope, and tap all the digital printing potential of these printing companies

for those printing houses that have begun to embark on the digital road, their need for post press processing of digital printing products has become increasingly urgent

a report entitled "the market of digital post press processing technology" recently released by the printing industry market information and Research Organization (primir) shows that with the improvement of the recognition of digital printing technology in the whole industry, people's use of special post press processing equipment is expected to increase. So far, the digital printing factory has been able to provide customers with complete card and label products, as well as processing services such as bronzing, embossing and UV coating

david Brooks, President of Brooks lithographic digital printing company, agrees with the above view. The company uses HP indigo ultrastream3000 and Heidelberg qm-di printers to print promotional lists, folders, postcards, display boards and business cards

according to David Brooks, the average cycle for Brooks lithographic digital printing company to complete a digital printing work piece is two to three days, but sometimes there are phenomena of overnight rush and completion on the same day. Most of the live parts printed by the company are pages with a printing number of 250 to 500 pages and a size of 12x18 inches. They use k-2systems' digicoater premier to help them with post press processing

brooks said: "Before using digicoater coater coater and the new 4.0 ink, problems such as scratches, ink color falling off and scratches often bothered us. Especially when printing live parts with variable data, we faced more challenges - these live parts need to be personalized and unique with the back of group B printed on the rubber film for post-test processing. This also means that we must implement more strict quality control procedures for the post press processing process 。”

the way of post press processing usually depends on the end use of the printed matter - for example, whether the printed matter needs to be mailed or reprocessed, and whether it has a thick ink layer. Brooks litho can polish, water-based coating or UV coating these live parts with special purposes. Brooks added: "all live parts must be printed with a control number or control code so that people can check them after finishing the post press processing."

he suggested: "since the printing volume of movable parts printed with variable data is relatively small, these problems are not so obvious for long edition. So far, we have not found an electronic control device with high cost-effectiveness and flexible functions."

sudhir Ravi, the boss of TVP color graphics, and Glenn Toole, the Deputy Sales Manager of Saikang, just celebrated their successful cooperation. The former purchased a Saikang 5000 digital printing machine

tvp color graphics recently moved into a new plant with modern digital printing equipment covering an area of 4.5 acres. The new printing machine sample exhibited by the company is a Saikang 5000 digital color web printing machine. TVP now has four Saikang printing machines - Saikang 32, Saikang 320, Saikang 50D and Saikang 5000 and two Konica Minolta 8050 printing machines. In order to process the products printed by these digital printing machines, TVP uses rollem international equipment for slitting/creasing/punching, Heidelberg Stahl for folding and Morgana systems for manual creasing

Michael intrator, the company's sales manager, said, "you need a device with multiple post press processing capabilities."

tvp color graphics is a major printing solution provider in Chicago. At the same time, it can also provide printing services to many large printing companies in the Midwest. The company attaches great importance to the improvement of production efficiency and the maintenance of customer relations

this printing plant in windy city uses Saikang's new online printing protection equipment, print protector, which can apply special coating to the products, so as to protect the printed products from scratching and abrasion during the mail process

introducer explained: "the greatest use of this equipment is to reduce the probability of damage to the printed parts and eliminate the static electricity generated in the process of digital printing. For short version and personalized printed moving parts, the printing factory should not only make pre production planning, but also carefully study the post press processing requirements of these moving parts to ensure that they are safe."

he said: "at present, our post press processing can only be carried out after the completion of production - printing and binding; moreover, once there is damage, all processing must be repeated. This phenomenon not only occurs in our company, but also an objective problem in the process of variable data production."

another company adopting digital printing technology is Jerome group in St. Louis, a full-service direct marketing company. In order to meet customers' needs for on-demand printing services, it recently updated the company's equipment at a large price

among the new equipment purchased by the company, the most important is four Xerox nuvera laser printers, which have increased Jerome's sheet fed variable data digital printing capacity by about 35%. The new printer can print 5million pages a day. Jerome also purchased its third HP indigo printer to improve its ability to print color customized materials

in the past five years, Jerome has spent a total of 7million dollars to purchase digital equipment that can print variable data because of its high packaging cost

Luke Teboul, deputy manager of the company, said: "we not only pursue the improvement of production capacity and speed, but also strive to achieve the maximum accuracy and integrity."

jerome group has a variety of digital printing equipment, including: two Ossi continuous laser printers; III. The total order value of plastic machinery in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2013 was about USD 335million. There were danka 9110 printers, two Xerox DP 155 laser printers, one Xerox 6135 printer and three HP indigo digital printers. The post press processing equipment they used came from bourg, standard, DUPLO, Baldwin, ibis, Xerox and other companies

Ken brown, vice president of the company said, "we use online post press processing equipment to process short version live parts, which can effectively avoid some problems. The live parts we receive are usually between 1 and 5000 copies, mostly personalized manuals, cards or licenses."

if you encounter the above-mentioned printing parts, you'd better first think about how to successfully complete their post press processing

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