Personalized building hardware products are sought

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Personalized building hardware products are sought after

"In recent years, influenced and stimulated by the booming real estate market, the decoration market has become more and more prosperous. Moreover, most of the young people who buy houses for decoration are post-80s. When they choose various building hardware products, they pay more attention to the practical style and personalized appearance of the products. Driven by the youth trend of Bayer materials technology, which has 30 production bases and about 14200 employees in the world, personalized building hardware products It has become the main theme of the decoration market. " A few days ago, when visiting the Sixth District of Jincheng market, China Science and Technology Hardware City, an owner who has operated plumbing hardware for many years said so

it is understood that the personalized trend of building hardware products has covered many product fields, such as door and window hardware, furniture hardware, kitchen and bathroom hardware and locks. The demand for personalized building hardware products is particularly evident in residential fine decoration projects

in terms of door and window hardware, various color steel materials are becoming popular. Nowadays, young people like to use bright colors as the main color of their rooms and decorate their homes with vitality, such as pink, light blue, light green and so on, which young girls prefer. Colorful color steel doors and windows with various designs just meet the needs of these young people. In order to attract young buyers, when many buildings were initially decorated, a large number of colorful steel doors and windows were used for the current factory tax included 2080, which made the overall style of the buildings full of vitality

personalized building hardware products are more commonly used in the fine decoration process to highlight individuality, especially in the kitchen and bathroom hardware, such as the metal towel rack used in the bathroom or bathroom. Now there is an electric towel rack with heating and drying function in the market. Like the electric heater, it uses oil heating to quickly dry clothes and towels. Some can timely eliminate mold, mites and other harmful bacteria. Long term use can also remove the mildew and odor caused by long-term humidity in the bathroom. In addition to this towel rack, many personalized faucets are also very popular. For example, there is a flat "Z" shaped faucet on the market that can adjust the water temperature by hand touch. It is very beautiful and practical

young people use a lot of electronic products. In daily life, there is often a situation that the socket space at home is not enough to plug in multiple chargers at the same time, but they can only connect an external patch panel, which is inconvenient and affects the appearance. Now there is a socket that can rotate 360 degrees in the market, which can well avoid the situation that several chargers cannot be plugged in at the same time due to different socket directions

only the laboratory reports mentioned above are seen; The other is the price "With the development of social economy and the rise of the post-80s young people, various personalized building hardware products will become the development direction of the future room decoration style. However, most of the personalized building hardware products are imported products. Our domestic building hardware enterprises mainly produce some low value-added products and can only 'win by quantity'. The design and R & D ability of this personalized new product is still relatively backward." Mr. Zhou, the person in charge of Meiyue decorative hardware, said, "In retail stores, the price of this personalized building hardware product is several times higher than that of ordinary products. The price of this part is the added value of the product, and it is also the value embodiment of the design and R & D investment. For China's building hardware enterprises, investing a portion of funds and energy to develop and design personalized new products will help them get rid of the current constraints on the international market, process low value-added products, and benefit The relatively low level of profit rate is also conducive to enterprises to build their own brands and seek more long-term development. "

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