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On December 16, Jiangsu Sanmu group grandly held the 30th anniversary celebration of the company and the foundation laying ceremony of the new office building. Municipal leaders Jiang Hongliang, Wu Guocheng, Li Zhihao and Wang Hualiang, as well as relevant leaders of the National Paint Association and the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, were present to congratulate

Jiangsu Sanmu group is a large group enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of raw materials for coating grease and resin, as well as the production and sales of supporting copper and cables. Since its establishment in 1979, Sanmu group has been determined to forge ahead. It has gradually developed from a small workshop with only a dozen workers to a leading enterprise in the national resin industry with an annual sales of more than 10 billion. The share of its products in the domestic market has remained at more than 30% for many consecutive years, and is known as the "Kingdom of resin for coating" in the industry. This year, the sales of Sanmu group is expected to reach 12 billion yuan. At the same time, the development of Sanmu group does not forget to repay the society. With the support of the group, Dushan village, Guanlin Town, where the enterprise is located, has made every effort to promote the construction of a new socialist countryside. Every abandoned household has lived in villas, with wide roads, shady trees, parks and schools, and the per capita income of villagers has exceeded 16000 yuan. In 2007, Dushan focused on the production of akulon film village with high viscosity and won the title of "China's top ten well-off villages"

JIANG Hongliang, member of the Standing Committee of Wuxi Municipal Party committee and Secretary of Yixing municipal Party committee, congratulated Sanmu group on behalf of the four municipal teams. He said that in the past 30 years, Sanmu group has gone through a brilliant and extraordinary entrepreneurial process. With the courage to be the first and the determination to work hard, Sanmu people have developed into a diversified large enterprise group operating across regions and industries, and made important contributions to the economic development of the whole city. Driven by Sanmu group, Dushan village ranks first among the top 100 villages in the city in terms of comprehensive strength and has become the highlight of Wuxi's new rural construction. Jiang Hongliang pointed out that at present, innovative economy is surging, and Sanmu group is also in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. He hoped that Sanmu group would take this as a new starting point, strive to promote industrial upgrading, make every effort to introduce technical talents, seize the commanding height of the industry, walk at the forefront of innovation, accelerate the building of Sanmu group into the world's largest and most powerful epoxy resin industrial base, constantly climb the high-end of the "green can not tilt color chemical industry", and shoulder more burdens and make new contributions to the city's economic development

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