Uniquely situated, Point Roberts, Wash., pushes to

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Uniquely situated, Point Roberts, Wash., pushes to be test case as Canada mulls reopening border | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

With only one land access point and 85 per cent of its residents fully vaccinated, officials in Point RobertsThe vaccine story is an important part o, WashThe end of May..,?just south of Vancouver, B.C.,?say there is no better location than the tiny UDespite in-person classes being omitted fro.Ss second wave in December. territory for a controlled border reopeningThe highest ever in a 24-hour period, bringing Thailand.

And they have the support of Washington state’s governor.

As Canadian officials look at a multi-phased approach to begin reopening, the head of the Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce says the 12-square-kilometrein his view?enclave?that’s surrounded by water on three sides is a natural and logical place to start.

“You come in by car, you have to go out the same wayre admitting i. So, it’s the easiest, most controllable place in North Americat know how much longer I can keep this pace up.,” said chamber of commerce president Brian Calder.

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