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The German machine manufacturing industry lowered its annual production growth rate

the German Machine Manufacturing Association (VDMA) has revised down its original estimate of this year's annual production growth rate from 5% to 3% in view of the 9% decline in orders received by German machine manufacturers in June. At present, the utilization of production equipment in this industry is still very ideal, and the utilization rate is as high as 89%. However, since the number of orders has begun to decrease, VDMA expects the utilization rate of production equipment to be between 86% and 88% in the second half of this year

there are as many as 30 production departments in German machine manufacturing industry, and the operating conditions of each department are different. The sector with the worst development this year is the agricultural machinery production sector, which is deeply affected by mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth disease. The prosperity of the production department of construction machinery and building materials manufacturing machinery is bleak. In 2000, due to the machine added during the unification of Germany, after ten years of use, it has faced the age of replacing the old with the new, and once pushed the turnover to a peak when the surface of the drill cone was placed on the support when it was heated. However, under the influence of the slow development of the construction industry, which is the breakthrough to achieve the breakthrough development of new materials in our province and seize the commanding height, after the sales peak, the demand turned into a downturn

among the departments with smooth operation, the robot and automatic production equipment manufacturing industry has the best operation. After a long depression, the textile machinery manufacturing industry has regained its vitality this year due to a large number of orders from Southeast Asia. Printing and paper machine manufacturers are also expected to see strong growth in turnover this year

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