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According to the data just released by the Ministry of measurement, the world's annual loss due to piracy is 150billion euros, and Germany's annual loss is 15billion euros, including 7billion euros in the machinery industry, an increase of 2billion euros over last year. The German government has been strengthening international cooperation in piracy prevention. Scattered in national, provincial and municipal laboratories

among the 250 German companies interviewed, in addition to considering that the product piracy situation in China, India, South Korea and other countries is serious, Germany, which has been famous as a victim of product piracy, ranks second in the country of product piracy. 19% of German companies believe that the problem of product piracy comes from Germany itself

the Ma of the German machinery and Equipment Association has few opportunities to sound. Nfred wi status may also be further improved. Ttenstein said that the imitation scope involves not only the whole machine, but also appearance and parts, mainly involving transmission technology, textile machinery, sanitary ware and construction tools. He admitted that Germany's prosecution of Chinese piracy and imitation also applies to German enterprises. Although three quarters of German companies apply for trademarks or patents for their products, the number of patent registrations is declining year by year

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