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Analysis of the explosion of rice paper price: saving money is better than saving paper

in the past two years, the price of rice paper has been rising year by year. The increase of ordinary rice paper has generally more than doubled, and the increase of some medium and high-end rice paper is even more amazing. Recently, I visited Jing County, the hometown of rice paper in southern Anhui, and Tunxi Old Street, the distribution center of four treasures of study. I learned that excluding the natural growth of raw materials and labor wages, because we large enterprises follow the pace of the country, the current sharp rise in the price of rice paper contains obvious hype factors. Collectors should beware of falling into the trap of hyping the collection of rice paper

the price of rice paper continues to rise. Paper is more expensive than gold.

in the survey, it is found that the price of rice paper has soared to a staggering level. In 1999, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of new China, China rice paper group company in Jingxian County specially produced themed rice paper. At that time, the ex factory price was more than 3000 yuan (100 rice paper for one knife), and now the highest price on the market can be more than 20000 yuan. The ex factory price of Hong Kong's commemorative rice paper is 2800 yuan a knife, and now it has risen to more than 10000 yuan. As for rice paper in the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, it is not only comparable to gold, but also valuable. In an interview with several local authentic rice paper manufacturers in Jing County, it was learned that in the past two years, the number and total volume of orders from some individual customers have increased rapidly. The rice paper in stock of these manufacturers has been sold out in the past two years. Since the beginning of 2010, prices have been raised four times, with an average increase of more than 20% each time. Panxiaoqing, a rice paper operator on Tunxi Old Street, said. Tunxi Old Street, not far from Jing County, is the largest distribution center of four treasures of study in southern Anhui

at huihuixuan, No. 126, Tunxi Old Street, I learned that the Red Star brand 4-foot pure leather rice paper cost 480 yuan last year and 1200 yuan this year; 4-foot special leather rice paper sold 700 last October and now sells 1400 yuan, an increase of 100%. The 6-foot special leather rice paper sold 1300 last year and 2000 yuan this year, up 35%. The boss Zhou Huolong said that at this price, it is still out of stock. So, who is buying rice paper. Panxiaoqing said that one kind of calligraphers and painters who have the habit of collecting rice paper basically buy it directly from the manufacturer; There are roughly two types of people who come to Laojie to buy rice paper: some are calligraphy and painting lovers, and others are basically collecting rice paper as investment. In the past two years, more and more customers from Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places have come to Laojie to buy rice paper

the collection of rice paper has begun to flourish in the past two years. Panxiaoqing said that because rice paper is easy to preserve, a piece of rice paper can be preserved for 800 to 1000 years, and the older it is, the more suitable it is for writing. The default deadline in the industry is more than 5 years, which can be called old paper

uncover the price increase account of a piece of paper

in fact, even with various price increase factors, the price of rice paper does not soar like this, and abnormal factors have obviously appeared behind its crazy price

the production process of rice paper is divided into two stages: raw material production and paper production

the production of automatic impact testing machine is used to measure the impact resistance of metal materials under normal or low temperature dynamic load. Rice paper mainly requires two kinds of raw materials: Green Sandalwood skin and Shatian straw. The proportion of this raw material has been followed for nearly a thousand years and has not changed so far. Green Sandalwood is a unique tree species in China. It takes 7 years for a green sandalwood tree to produce Green Sandalwood skin. Shatian straw is a kind of rice straw growing in the paddy field with high sand content in Jing County and nearby areas. Compared with the paddy rice straw with general ductility - the range where the material maintains plastic deformation without fracture, it has fewer rod nodes, less ash impurities, low lignin content and high cellulose content

sandalwood bark and straw should be soaked in mountain spring water, soaked, boiled, selected, spread, exposed to the sun, rain, dew, refining, bleaching and other natural processing, so that each Green Sandalwood bark and straw are as white as cotton, soft and tough, and the production of raw materials is over. This alone will take 10 months. Since the Tang Dynasty, the traditional manual operation has been maintained in the production process of paper. The paper is fished by bamboo curtain filtration and papermaking; Drying paper with fire wall baking and manual uncovering; In the inspection process, it is visual and manual inspection one by one. The whole process requires the operators to be careful, calm and decisive

caoyangming, the boss of the new era rice paper factory, was born in a paper-making family in Jing County. He has been engaged in rice paper production with his parents since childhood for nearly 30 years. Caoyangming told that the Green Sandalwood skin was completely stripped from the branches of the Green Sandalwood Tree by workers by hand, and the labor intensity was very high. Nowadays, most young people in rural areas are willing to go out to work, and fewer people are willing to stay at home to do this work. According to the interview in Jingxian County, the purchase price of 100 Jin sandalwood skin was between 400 and 500 yuan in 2009. It has risen to nearly 600 yuan in 2010, and it will rise to 650 yuan this year; The purchase price of 100 Jin Shatian straw was 400 yuan in 2009, and some manufacturers expect it to rise to about 500 yuan this year. As for the labor wage, the manufacturers have given a reply that the annual increase of 20% in the past two years. The daily wage of a skilled worker has now reached 100 yuan. Cao Yangming carefully calculated the cost account of a knife of rice paper: now the cost of a ton of pulp has reached 48000 yuan. According to the production of 300 knives of finished rice paper per ton of pulp, the raw material cost of 4-foot ordinary rice paper per knife is amortized to 160 yuan, plus the labor wage, the minimum production price of 4-foot rice paper per knife is 380 yuan to 400 yuan. The cost price of rice paper with Zhang 2 and Zhang 6 specifications should be more than 1500 to 2000 yuan per knife of paper

although the price of rice paper has risen all the way due to the rise in raw material prices and labor wages, the increase should be about 20%. Cao Yangming said

beware of hype and traps in collecting rice paper

is the sharp rise in the price of rice paper caused by the current low output and short supply? The investigation found that it is not the case. China Rice Paper Group Corporation in Jing county is the largest manufacturer of handmade rice paper in China. Xiao Yang, deputy county head of Jing County and chairman of China rice paper group, told that the market supply of rice paper produced in Jing county is currently maintained at about 1000 tons. Take the Red Star rice paper produced by China rice paper group as an example. In the era of planned economy, the output of rice paper produced by the group has been maintained between 400 and 500 tons, with domestic sales accounting for only about 15% and exports of more than 80%. From 2004 to 2010, the group's rice paper output remained at about 550 to 650 tons, and in 2008, the output reached 689 tons, which was the highest year. At present, about 70% of the output of rice paper is sold domestically and less than 30% is exported

panxiaoqing mainly deals in rice paper retail. Panxiaoqing believes that judging from the retail market this year, the current output of rice paper basically matches the actual market demand. Authentic Red Star rice paper is mainly monopolized by five general agents in Shanghai, Guangdong, Anhui, Shandong, Beijing and other places. It is difficult for ordinary retailers to get goods at the normal ex factory price of the manufacturer. Panxiaoqing complained that some agents were hoarding

Cao Yangming said that one of the main materials for making rice paper is Green Sandalwood skin, but even if Green Sandalwood skin is used, the quality of Green Sandalwood skin is different due to the lack of unique climate and geographical environment of the origin, and the rice paper produced is very different. Now the country has carried out strict origin protection for Xuan paper, and it is also very meaningful for Xuan paper to record the stress state changes inside the material during the impact process through piezoelectric sensors and other equipment. The definition of paper is to use Shatian straw and Green Sandalwood peel produced in and around Jing County, Anhui Province, and refine it with the unique mountain spring water and traditional processes of Jing County within the scope of Jing County

Cao Yangming said that the rice paper is densely covered with cloud like filaments, which are sandalwood skin fibers. When viewed from the light, you can also find the tendons of straw, which are not found on the calligraphy and painting paper, which is too white. Another simple method of identification is that after being inked, the rice paper can clearly show the pen marks and levels, while the painting paper is blurred at the overlapping of the pen marks and does not show the levels

panxiaoqing told collectors that they should prevent some businesses from taking the opportunity to sell dog meat by selling ordinary calligraphy and painting paper as rice paper

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