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German workers' Union: pay silently for "home"

recently, German workers won the advanced commendation of the working committee of municipal organs. Due to the good completion of various work tasks arranged by the superior labor union and the company's Party committee, it was awarded the honorary titles of 2016 advanced grass-roots labor union and labor union activists of municipal organs by the Municipal Working Committee

in recent years, the German workers' Union has played its own role, thinking about and being anxious for the workers, actively serving the workers and striving to be the "mother's family" trusted by the workers. Actively coordinate and cooperate with all departments, do a good job in all work of the enterprise, and do a good job in the "big housekeeper" of the enterprise

add 22.35.1 year on year (1) in January, the labor union carried out "golden autumn student assistance activities" every year to provide financial assistance for the children of workers in need of fresh college students to go to school, help workers solve family difficulties, let workers work at ease, and let the children of workers feel the care of their parents. In 2016, according to the requirements of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the trade union submitted an application to the poverty relief center of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, so that the children of workers with difficulties, as a group of former undergraduate students, were subsidized again. As a strong backing of workers, the trade Union continued to pay attention to the lives of workers with difficulties, so that employees really felt the warmth of home and the care from the organization

since 2014, a new content has been added to the work project of the trade union - organizing and carrying out employee development games. In the intense but lively, tense and interesting competition, employees feel the sportsmanship of "more unity, harmony and struggle", which enables employees to show their style in the competition and relax their body and mind in laughter after intense work. Let team spirit, fighting spirit and collective sense of honor be deeply embedded in the hearts of every employee

in manufacturing enterprises, the technical skills of employees directly affect the quality of products. The company has never stopped the training and learning of employees' technology. Every year, the trade union organizes employees in the company for technical competitions to test the compressive strength of building material test blocks such as concrete, cement, high-strength bricks, refractories and other types of work, and leads employees to participate in the workers' vocational skills competition held by the Municipal Economic and Technological Development Zone, so that workers can show their virtuous skills in large-scale competitions, broaden their professional horizons, and learn from others' strengths at the same time. Our German workers are also crouching tigers, hidden dragons and talented people. Every year, the competition will return with honors. In 2016, the labor union also won the "excellent organization award" for the company

in an era of fierce industry competition, Degong pays special attention to optimizing products, improving quality and innovating technology. The trade union actively organizes the annual quality QC activities within the company and the "five small" activities of reform and innovation, and all departments and sections respond positively. The trade union cooperates with relevant departments to provide follow-up services for the subject investigation, tracking, preliminary review and analysis, opinion improvement, achievement evaluation and other activities of the QC team, and give commendations and rewards to the selected winning units and individuals, It not only improves the enthusiasm of employees for reform and innovation, but also makes outstanding contributions to the company's improvement of product performance and quality, technological innovation, energy conservation and consumption reduction

in a manufacturing enterprise like Degong machinery, trade union work is often ignored. However, they take it as their own responsibility to safeguard the interests of enterprises and employees, and silently pay for enterprises and employees. They have become the most solid backing of enterprises and the most intimate "home" of industrialized and effective scientific research achievements

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