Analysis of the factors influencing the printing p

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Analysis of factors affecting solder paste printing performance

I Solder paste itself:

1 Liquidity

2. Thixotropic coefficient (0..6)

3 Flux content

1151 type gear pump extruder 4 is designed and developed Shape of alloy powder (spherical)

5 Viscosity of alloy powder (Pa.s)

II Metal plate:

1 Selection of plate thickness (0..15mm)

2 Selection of plate material

3 The accuracy and shape of the opening size ("eight" shape)

III Printing equipment:

1 Reasonable printing speed (mm/s)

2 Shape and material of scraper (plane scraper and steel scraper)

3 The setting of brush clearance (0..5mm)

the speed regulation system is installed at the lower part of the workbench 4 Setting of off board speed (0..2mm/s)

5 Parallelism in printing

6. P it can be said that CB positioning accuracy (using pin positioning method)

7. Scraper angle and hardness (degree.Hb)

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