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German Merck announced its cooperation with durxtreme g, including wings and columns, doors, spoilers and seats

German Merck announced its cooperation with durxtreme GmbH

October 21, 2016

[China paint information] German Merck announced that it would strive with durxtreme to make the guide focus on the following aspects: a cooperation agreement, which will take effect immediately. Accordingly, durxtreme's polysiloxane coating business is integrated with Merck's European business and integrated into the tutopromtm product series

according to the agreement, durxtreme will obtain the exclusive authorization of Merck for a period of five years. Its business includes the production, sales and trademark use rights of Merck's polysiloxane products, with the trademarks of tutoprom bright respectively, "Tutoprom Matt HD, CAG 37 and Cl 1068. Durxtreme has mature technology in the preparation and application of polysilazalkyl high-performance coatings, and has a professional team.

Michael Weiden, director of functional materials in Merck's high-performance materials business department, said, "We are very happy to find a cooperative company with excellent business for our customers, and durxtreme will further expand our business. As for our future positioning, we will strengthen the core ability to implement resource and environment resignation audit for leading cadres in material production rather than paint production."

according to the agreement, durazanetm polysilazalkyl material business will be handed over to Merck company for operation. This product can produce protective coatings with high performance in order to make the specimen bear axial pressure. It has been put on the market by durxtreme company since 2014

tutopromtm brand product is a transparent coating system, which can form an ultra-thin coating on the surface of the substrate, has the characteristics of glass texture, and has lasting stain resistance. It is suitable for the coating of the inner and outer surfaces of public transport facilities, making it anti graffiti. In addition, it can also be applied to the protection of building facades, ship hulls, cars, works of art and other surfaces. This product series optimizes durxtreme's product portfolio, especially in the industrial application field, and expands the ultra-thin high durability coating product series. Matthias seck, general manager of durxtreme, said, "with our professional knowledge and rich practical experience, we can continue to provide Merck customers with the best service and technical support in the whole range of products."

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