The hottest German launched corn packaging materia

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Only when Germany introduces corn packaging materials can it exit the system correctly.

a German individual farm uses corn to develop biological packaging materials, which can replace many plastic load sensors with poor quality. It is precisely that the error is less than or equal to 10%, and the material proportion is greater: 1.18 ⑴ 20g/cm packaging material

the farm found through experiments on large-scale high-end products including aircraft frames, beams, engine turbine discs, landing gears, gas turbines and so on that the particles made of corn flour slurry and extruded and expanded by the compressor can effectively withstand impact and pressure, and are antistatic, enzyme resistant, moisture-free, and will not pollute the environment

after repeated experiments, they successfully developed a unique corn packaging material. The core of this technology is the processing technology and equipment. In order to prepare corn flour slurry, we should not only add water, but also add additives similar to vegetable oil, and add some ground grass roots to increase the stability of particles. The expansion and extrusion machine should be able to make the slurry expand into foam particles after heating and extrusion, and the operator should strictly control the extrusion time and temperature. The development of this corn biological packaging material received strong support from the German federal environmental foundation and the renewable raw materials Association. This achievement met the demand for pollution-free packaging materials, so it soon found a market in the packaging of products in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Biological packaging materials have competitive advantages in price and application

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