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LANXESS of Germany emphasized the liquidity of thermoplastics at the VDI conference

LANXESS of Germany focused on the future liquidity of high-tech thermoplastics at the recent VDI conference. New mobile forms such as the concept of "autonomous driving, electrification of vehicle powered trains and new logistics" are important growth of our polyamide, polyester and thermoplastic composites with inaccurate speed control. "Martin, the global head of the company, said." Our current development activities focus on materials and technologies for lightweight structures, as well as heat dissipation and flame retardant polyamides and polyesters for thermal stress electrical and electronic components. And another focus is set on polyamide with high thermal stability. "

one of the highlights of LANXESS is the new" hollow profile mixing technology ". This process and lightweight design technology are the further development of the classic plastic metal mixing technology in automotive mass production. Hollow metal profiles and round or square cross sections are injection molded by polyamide." Due to its dimensional stability, the hollow profile makes the hybrid parts have significantly higher torsional stiffness and strength. The investment in machinery and tools is low, and the cycle time is as short as that of standard injection molding.

another hot topic is xts2 thermostatization (extreme temperature stability). It improves the thermal stability of polyamide 66 to 230 ℃. The target application of xts2 material is in the efficient combustion engine of automobile. The first product of xts2 product portfolio is polyamide 66 reinforced with 35% glass fiber. Another PA 66 blow molded hollow part is under development

another focus topic of LANXESS attending the conference is continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites of tepex brand family. It is reported that they are becoming more and more important for the design of light vehicles, and can be found in more and more series production applications today. For example, front end devices and bumper beams, brake pedals, etc. Henry, head of technology marketing and business, explained: "We also see the great potential of using battery protection in cars and the new concept of highly integrated, multi position seats for self driving cars. LANXESS is currently developing composite variants with electromagnetic shielding properties, especially power train components for electrified vehicles.

new forms of mobility also open up a wide range of potential applications for thermoplastics. LANXESS believes that in the charging of battery systems In the system, the sensor and housing of the motor, and in the infrastructure of electronic mobility, tensile testing is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. For example, public charging stations have great potential to use high-tech plastics. "Polyester and polyamide provide the best performance for the production of connectors and components for the display and control unit of self driving vehicles."

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