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Quick printing machine ink analysis (Part 2)

3. Industrial cost analysis

the pricing rule of the ink industry is: twice the cost price of raw materials of ink is the wholesale price of ink (packaging is calculated separately). For example, if the formulation cost of ink is 3 yuan/kg, the wholesale price of ink is 6 yuan/kg (excluding packaging); If the formula cost of ink is 6 yuan/kg, the wholesale price of ink is 12 yuan/kg (excluding packaging). According to the overall formula components introduced above, the formula cost of domestic material ink is basically yuan/kg, and the ex factory wholesale price of bulk ink yuan/kg on the market is relatively reasonable at present. When making high-grade inks, the main components in the formula use imported materials (such as carbon black, resin, emulsifier, dispersant, etc.), the formula cost is basically yuan/kg, and the wholesale price of bulk ink is yuan/kg

due to the quality gap of raw materials, the formula components are generally increased for the sake of insurance, while foreign inks use good materials and few formula components. Just like cooking, Chinese food has many ingredients and Western food is simple. In fact, the formulation cost of foreign inks is not higher than that of domestic inks at comparable prices. At present, foreign inks sell at a high price in the market, one is stable quality, the other is high toughness; PETG high transparency printing machine is produced by them

4. Market analysis

quick printing machine ink is a special supporting office consumables. The ink market depends on the quick printing machine market, which depends on the market stock of the quick printing machine and the single machine printing volume. At present, China has more than 200000 sets of speed printing machines in the market, and the annual demand for ink is about 5000-6000 tons. The market capacity of ink is not large, the breadth is not wide, the depth is not deep, and the industry is narrow

at present, the quality of imported inks in the market is stable, while the quality of domestic inks is mixed, with poor stability and numerous brands. With the acceleration of information exchange, the transparency of market prices and the rapid development of logistics industry, the ink market will certainly flatten. Unstable product quality, too many brands, will inevitably encounter industry reshuffle (after the development of any industry is mature, it will inevitably be attributed to the average profit). In the reshuffle process of the industry, the source manufacturers (including packaging container manufacturers) with professional and technical strength and dealers with maintenance service ability will have the most say. They can manage brands appropriately. But we should work hard on product quality and market promotion. As a manufacturer, the production of compatible inks with stable quality is the premise of survival and development. Whether you are in the high-end or low-end price market, the applicable stability must be the premise. The high and middle end should have stable and good quality, and the low end should at least be free of water, slag and ink overflow, so as to ensure the basic normal operation of the speed printer. High and middle end inks have high price, high profits, high technical content and large equipment investment, but their market share is small, while the low-end inks have a large market share, and their overall profits are similar. Whether to choose the high-end or the low-end is the problem of the positioning of various companies. There is no question of who is superior or inferior. "The market determines everything", "the market is always right". Meeting the needs of the market is the fundamental reason why Erdogan is the most respected leader of Islamic countries

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"low cost, high quality" is the eternal theme of global manufacturers. Printing ink manufacturers are no exception. "Low cost" is a low cost in the overall sense, including material cost, processing cost, management cost and marketing cost. The decline of 1.5% in gold and 3.6% in silver is not a simple raw material cost. Domestic enterprises are most interested in reducing the cost of raw materials, but it must be done on the premise of basically ensuring quality

ink sellers should consider choosing professional manufacturers as suppliers and establish a cooperative relationship of mutual trust, focusing on directly facing machine customers and improving maintenance value-added services

market transactions in China are determined by price, quality and interpersonal relationship in turn. Grasp the relationship and respective importance of these three, and seek long-term development in the industry

5. How can users easily identify the ink quality

a, squeeze out a little ink, observe the softness and hardness of the ink, scrape it slowly, and pay attention to whether there are particles, impurities, bubbles, etc

b. smell the ink with your nose, and it is required to have no unpleasant smell such as peculiar smell and odor

c, squeeze a little ink onto the paper into a pagoda shape, place it in a dust-free place for about a week, and observe whether the oil circle is too large, the ink is dim, the surface is crusted, hardened and cracked. Except for the oil ring, the good ink basically remains the same

d. the ink should have a certain wire length when lifted, and only a slight "crackling" sound is emitted when burning

e. rub the ink into the paper, observe whether the ink is black, and then wipe it with your hand. Your hand is not black

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