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German media called for the establishment of a "world printing day"

according to the German printer magazine, recently, Germany's authoritative printing media called for the establishment of a world printing day to show how attractive, cost-effective and eco-friendly printing products are

every blood donor is a hero. This is the inscription of world blood donation day on June 14 last year. Since 2004, the traditional international world blood donation day has been held whenever the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the inventor of blood type (1868, 1943). Since 1950, the United Nations and the World Health Organization have established more than 20 such action days. In this way, the world has action days such as World No Tobacco Day, World Diabetes Day or world AIDS day

recently, Toshiba company in Japan may follow this model and call on the world to hold a printing free day in magazines. Its significance and purpose of pneumatic inspection are explained in the theme of waste of paper and the resulting environmental consequences: each office 3. The sample is not clamped during the test. The main room staff use more than 10000 copies of paper every year on average. About 336million pieces of paper are consumed every day, which is equivalent to more than 40000 trees lost every day in the United States. In order to deal with this problem, Toshiba advocates paperless office, although only for one day

however, this advocate did not consider that the printing industry has no need to make up for the environmental awareness. The printed grade 2 reinforcement joints shall not be lower than 490mpa. Industry is one of the few economic sectors with recycling function. Green printing is on the agenda of every enterprise. For example, many printing plants invest in avoiding energy and energy recycling. Ecology and economy can be combined. Therefore, the printing industry should not be condemned by the no printing day

on the contrary, we should establish world printing day, which is beneficial to the printing industry. This day can call on the public to realize how attractive, cost-effective and eco-friendly printing products are. The international printing enterprises of the Federation of industry associations and the intergraf can accept this application and try to establish an international action day. It is suggested that July 3 of each year be the date of world printing day. Because on July 3, 1886, the first leno casting machine developed by Ottmar Mergenthaler began to operate, thus creating a new era of printing technology, so that newspapers and books can be printed quickly and cheaply

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