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Eco friendly PP packaging of Big Mac yogurt

in recent years, there are more and more kinds of fruit yogurt, and the fruit is also getting bigger and bigger. In general, the packaging forms of all kinds of fruit yogurt mainly include PS large cup packaging, cup packaging and paper cup packaging produced by blister technology. This bright big Mac fruit yogurt innovatively adopts a large PP packing box with a full set of colorful labels, which has greatly attracted the attention of consumers

after the product was launched, the market performance was outstanding and the output was also increasing. Its packaging is mainly composed of PP box body, sealing cap film, box cover and heat shrinkable sleeve label. It is understood that at the beginning, Guangming took great pains in designing the packaging of this product. When the oil content of common packaging forms is insufficient, it is necessary to add super large fruit filling that does not meet the needs of Big Macs in time. Therefore, in the end, the designer made the packaging into a super large caliber box suitable for super large fruit filling by referring to the famous fresh-keeping box lekou of Korean brand. In this way, it not only solves the problem of super large fruit filling, but also makes the product look very high-end. In addition, because the packaging container is made of injection molded PP material, which is consistent with the material of the refrigerator fresh-keeping box, the packaging can be repeated after consumers eat the product, so the tensile testing machine can be used after being used for a period of time to become a fresh-keeping box. After purchasing products, consumers can not only enjoy delicious food, but also enjoy substantial benefits. This packaging can be called a green packaging worthy of promotion. Of course, industry insiders also pointed out that the packaging can be further improved. For example, under the same packaging quality, the weight of the box can be further reduced to save costs. In addition, advanced in mold labeling can also be considered to make the box cover more sealed, etc

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