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Environmental impact assessment publicity of Shanghai Yuqing coating relocation project

issued by: East China University of technology

release date: June 18, 2010

1. Description

East China University of Technology (Evaluation Agency) was entrusted by Shanghai Yuqing coating Co., Ltd. (construction unit) to carry out the environmental impact of the "relocation project of Shanghai Yuqing coating Co., Ltd.", but it was considered that the experiment had no impact on the evaluation. The first information release is now made to the public in accordance with the relevant national and municipal environmental protection laws and regulations

Shanghai Yuqing coating Co., Ltd. (the construction unit) and East China University of science and Technology (the evaluation institution) are responsible for the authenticity of the information released at this stage. With the implementation process of the project and the implementation of environmental impact assessment, the relevant information will be gradually improved or adjusted

2. Overview of the construction project

Project Name: relocation project of Shanghai Yuqing coating Co., Ltd.

construction location: d-plot of Qingpu Industrial Park

industry of the project: chemical manufacturing

construction content: Shanghai Yuqing coating Co., Ltd. plans to obtain the use right of d-plot of Qingpu Industrial Park by means of land bidding, auction and listing, and move the project of the original Huaxin Industrial Park to this plot, After the completion of the project, it will mainly carry out the compounding production of phenolic resin coating, with an annual output of about 10000 tons

3. Overview of the construction unit

unit name: Shanghai Yuqing coating Co., Ltd.

contact address: Jihe Road (Mayang Village), Huaxin Industrial Park

contact person; Sun you contact:

4. Overview of the evaluation organization

evaluation unit: East China University of science and technology

contact address: No. 130, Meilong Road, Shanghai

contact person: Mr. Huang contact: Postal Code: 200237

email: eac@

5. Working procedures and main work contents of environmental impact assessment

main procedures of environmental impact assessment: on the basis of verifying engineering data and determining the pollution sources of the project, Analyze the degree and scope of environmental impact of the project and evaluate the feasibility of the project construction in combination with the current environmental situation and environmental protection objectives of the construction area; Put forward requirements and suggestions for environmental protection measures in combination with national environmental protection policies and regulations, public opinions and environmental impact analysis results

the main work contents of environmental impact assessment include: investigation of local environmental quality status, investigation of pollution sources, review of original projects and remaining environmental protection problems, engineering analysis, cleaner production analysis, environmental impact prediction and evaluation, environmental risk assessment, pollution prevention and control countermeasures analysis, public participation, environmental management and monitoring plan, environmental impact economic profit and loss analysis, planning compatibility analysis, total amount control, etc, The purpose is to predict the impact of the project on the surrounding environment and put forward corresponding environmental protection measures by understanding the fixed pollution and environmental status of one fixture in the project row

6. Main matters for soliciting public opinions

this publicity mainly solicits public opinions on the environmental quality of the project location and surrounding areas; Understanding of the main problems surrounding the prosperous market in the current regional scope; Focus on the environmental problems that may exist during the construction of the project and after completion and operation; Opinions and suggestions on environmental protection of the project

7. Main ways for the public to put forward their opinions

after this information publicity, the public can express their opinions and opinions on the project construction and environmental assessment work by sending e-mail, fax, letter, etc. to the designated address

during the preparation of the EIA report of the project, the public will be further solicited by means of the second publicity and the issuance of questionnaires. During this period, the public can still express their views in various ways

please provide detailed contact information as much as possible while expressing opinions, so as to feed back relevant information in time

8. Information release hydraulic transmission components should not have impact during return activities. Validity period:

10 days from the date of information release

note: the reprinted content is indicated with the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content

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