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A brief analysis of the advantages of Kunshan Shitailong International Plastic City

Kunshan Shitailong International (Mold City, plastic city) was invested and built by Jiangsu Kunshan Huarui Investment Development Co., Ltd. in 2008, with a total investment of 200million yuan. Styron international is one of the most powerful investment operators of domestic industrial service platforms. The group's subsidiaries include Dongguan Hongcheng international hardware and electromechanical mold City, Dongguan Pearl River Delta Commodity City, Chang'an Jinming International Mechanical Mold City, Huai'an Styron International Industrial Expo City, East China International equipment procurement center, and Kunshan, which ensure the synchronous accuracy of transmission. Styron International Mold City/plastic city, Your innovative best partner, six cities, operates synchronously. Kunshan Shitailong international positioning "plastic industry chain trading base" is intended to create a "one-stop procurement and trading platform for industrial supplies"

sitailong international is located at the intersection of national highway 312 and Huaqiao in Lujia Town, Kunshan City. It is located in the center of Huaqiao International Business City, Taiwan commodity trading center, international procurement center, international information center, and cross strait business district. Shitailong international phase I of 120000 square meters has been completed and put into use. At present, the rental rate of shops in the market has reached 99%. The second phase of the plastic city has started construction in March 2012, with a construction area of 30000 square meters and a total investment of 100 million yuan. The project plans more than 300 shops and office buildings, equipped with high-end buildings, including high-tech, high value-added drug control release materials and bone fixation materials, product exhibition halls, apartment hotels, product testing, R & D centers and other supporting facilities. It was completed and opened in July 2013 (shops)

Kunshan Shitailong international

after more than two years of careful cultivation, the manufacturing industry will need to make great progress and gallop and development. Shitailong international has become the first "plastic industry chain" trading base in China. At present, there are more than 300 merchants in the market, bringing together well-known plastic raw materials and machinery mold brands at home and abroad. Such as hating, Sumitomo, Taichung precision machinery, Dalian machine tool, jianihe of mechanical mold; PetroChina, Sinopec, Taiwan Qimei, Formosa Plastics, Japan Toray, Baoli, Germany Bayer, South Korea LG and Haitai, Haitian, Lange of plastic machinery have all entered. At the same time, after many exchanges and visits, we have successfully signed a cooperation agreement with the agents of the world's top 500 enterprises and the world's largest chemical company DuPont in East China. Its office is located in Styron international. Its entry will greatly enhance the market specification and brand influence of Styron International Plastic City. Another large chemical company, BASF's general agent in East China, is also under negotiation

since its opening in 2008, the market trading volume of Styron international has increased at a rate of 100% per year. According to statistics, the market trading volume in 2010 was 180million yuan, 513 million yuan in 2011, 800million yuan in 2012, and 1.5 billion yuan in 2013, which has made due contributions to promoting the development of local economy

since its entry into Lujia Town, Kunshan, Styron international has received strong support and help from governments at all levels and industry associations. In June, 2011, Styron plastic city was awarded the honorary title of the first "plastic raw material trading base" in Suzhou. In October, 2011, Kunshan "entrepreneurship incubation base" was established in Styron international. After signing the "school enterprise cooperation agreement" with Kunshan Dengyun Vocational College and Sihu vocational and technical college, Styron international also formed a strategic partnership with Zhejiang Zhongsu Co., Ltd. In January, 2012, Styron international officially became the chairman unit of the plastic Trade Committee of Suzhou Plastics Association. The business committee's office is located in Styron. The association will hold many industry exchange conferences every year, which will greatly promote the development of its members and market merchants

Kunshan Shitailong international plastic city is planned to be constructed in six phases, including ten centers, "product trading center, plastic science and Technology Museum, science and technology research and development center, bidding Center, product testing center, warehousing and logistics center, talent training center, brand incubation center, administrative service center, e-commerce center". After the opening of the overall planning of the project, it can accommodate 6000 enterprises to settle and develop, and will become a veritable "booster" for industrial development in the region

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