Environmental pollution caused by outdoor stacking

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Environmental pollution caused by the open stacking of waste packaging containers

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core tip: without the relevant hazardous waste business license, the two men did not take rain proof, leakage proof and other measures, that is, the waste packaging containers were crushed and stacked in the open air on the site, Cause chemical residues to flow to the ground

[China Packaging News] without the complete production process of relevant hazardous waste and a very complete business license, the two men did not take rain proof, leakage proof and other measures, that is, the waste packaging containers were crushed and stacked on the site in the open air, causing chemical residues to flow to the ground. Recently, the two men were prosecuted by the Shanghai railway transportation Procuratorate on suspicion of environmental pollution. After hearing the case, the Shanghai Railway Transportation Court made a first instance judgment on the case. In court, the defendants Gao and Gao were sentenced to five months' criminal detention, suspended for five months, and fined 4000 yuan for the crime of environmental pollution. It is reported that this is the first environmental protection case handled since the Japanese city implemented the centralized jurisdiction of criminal cases of damaging environmental resources protection on September 26 last year

according to the prosecution, since April last year, the two brothers Gao and Gao Qiang rented a place in Zhujing Town, Jinshan District of the city to engage in waste purchase and processing. Due to the lack of relevant legal knowledge, the two brothers neither applied for a hazardous waste business license, nor took the necessary protective measures by (4) connecting the experimental machine to the 3-phase and 4-wire power supply during the business process, resulting in the waste packaging that had been packed with various chemicals and liquids being exposed to the open air without any protective measures

after a long time of wind and rain, various toxic and harmful substances left in the packaging barrel gradually flow to the ground. The law enforcement officers of Jinshan Environmental Protection Bureau went to the site for sampling and testing, and detected benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and other toxic and harmful substances from these waste packaging containers, in which the leaching concentration of toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene exceeded the national standard value. After weighing, the waste packaging containers that have been briquetted and formed totaled more than 30 tons, which seriously exceeded the 3-ton penalty standard stipulated in the criminal law. According to the identification of Shanghai solid waste management center, the above waste packaging containers belong to hazardous waste

the two brothers who received the test results suddenly panicked. They thought they were doing an honest business, but they violated the criminal law because of the lack of legal knowledge. The two men immediately surrendered to the public security organ and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime after arriving at the case

the two men were recently prosecuted by the Shanghai railway transportation Procuratorate in accordance with the law for their involvement in the crime of suspected environmental pollution if the plunger pump failed. The Shanghai Railway Transportation Court held that Gao and Gao jointly violated state regulations by illegally disposing of hazardous waste and seriously polluting the environment, which constituted a crime of environmental pollution. Since the two defendants voluntarily surrendered after committing a crime, truthfully confessed their crimes, surrendered themselves, voluntarily paid a fine before the court, had a good attitude of confession, and showed repentance, they can be given a lighter punishment according to law

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