The world's hottest vinyl acetate supply is tight,

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The global supply of vinyl acetate is tight, and the price rises.

due to the continuous failure of several sets of acetic acid plants since the end of last year, the supply in the European and Asian markets has been tight, and the spot price of vinyl acetate monomer continues to rise. Since late April, the supply of vinyl acetate monomer in the United States has also begun to tighten, and some manufacturers have announced that they will increase VAM prices

at the beginning of March this year, Celanese announced that its Nanjing acetyl plant, including a 300000 ton/year vinyl acetate plant, suffered from force majeure and implemented a 40% quantitative configuration for acetic acid and vinyl acetate customers in China and Taiwan, China province. After that, its influence extended to other countries in Asia and Europe. Celanese announced that VAM supply in these regions was guaranteed to be 50% in May. 6 the month of Zui large deformation and elongation after fracture that would directly affect the experiment was only 3 to avoid rusting 0%

previously, the supply of VAM in the United States was stable, but April 1 caused two purifications to the situation. On April 8, Celanese announced that its VAM plant in Bay City, Texas, suffered from force majeure. The company immediately rationed 65% of its customers' purchases in the past six months, resulting in tight market supply. The acetyl plant of LyondellBasell announced to its customers in mid March that it would implement 100% product rationing due to production failures and rising raw material costs. Dow Chemical Company's two-week overhaul of its VAM unit in early April further strained the supply of VAM in the United States

according to ICIS, an American manufacturer announced on April 18 that based on the current "oversupply" situation, the company decided to increase the VAM price by 5 cents/pound. On April 19, LyondellBasell announced that it would raise the price of VAM products in North America, South America and Central America by 5 cents/pound from May 1. Last week, Celanese announced a similar price increase plan

in Europe, VAM price trend is still uncertain, resulting in the stagnation of contract discussion in the second quarter. Most sellers are unwilling to determine the specific price, mainly because they are worried that the supply situation may deteriorate further. At the end of April, some buyers said that they had accepted that the contract price increased by 170 ~ 180 euros (ton price, the same below) from the first quarter to 1000 ~ 1050 euros/ton (CIF northwest Europe). Over the same period, the spot price in Europe also rose by 50 ~ 100 euros to 1150 ~ 1250 euros (CIF northwest Europe)

the price of VAM in Asia has reached a three-and-a-half-year high. The price in Northeast Asia has increased by $50 to $1350 ~ 1400 (CFR), and the price in China's main port has reached $1230 ~ 1300 (CFR). Manufacturers in Northeast Asia said that due to the shortage of spot goods, the target selling price of goods produced in May may may reach 1500 ~ 1600 dollars (CFR, Asia). Market analysts believe that with the resumption of production in Celanese Nanjing factory, the price of acetic acid may weaken, but the upward trend of VAM price will continue for some time

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