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Art glass is the first choice for ceiling decoration at home. When decorating houses, more and more owners are willing to pay more attention to the decoration style and materials. How to make the decoration style more unique, how to make the space appear larger, and what kind of materials will appear high-grade, these are a series of issues that the owners need to consider. I learned that today's decoration is not only on the wall, but also extends to the roof decoration. Various suspended ceilings can solve different problems and create different styles

the glittering and translucent art glass is not as cold as metal, nor as thick as traditional decoration. It is bright, exquisite, light and lively. In the reinforced concrete city, in the harbor of home life, when necessary, it creates a unique scenery with interlinked hearts, and has become a new favorite of the trend pursued by the young people. Art glass is with its unparalleled sense of transparency, The magnificent decorative effect has increasingly become a new choice for the development of interior decoration materials

safety glass shall be used for glass or light box ceiling. Using colorful glass and frosted glass as the hanging genx engine, that is, it adopts composite fan blades and full composite fan casing top at the same time, which is very distinctive, and is more and more used in home decoration, but if the material is not appropriate, it is prone to safety accidents. In order to change the 1 extensive plastic granulator into a combined and intelligent plastic granulator for safe use, safety glass should be used in the ceiling and other vulnerable parts. At present, China stipulates that tempered glass and laminated glass are safety glass

beauty and safety coexist see glass ceiling shopping strategy

glass is more and more used in ceiling decoration because of its rich colors and good decorative effect. Although it is beautiful and practical to use glass as ceiling, you need to choose the glass for decoration before deciding to use glass as ceiling

1. Advantages of glass ceiling

glass has the effect of enlarging space. If the floor height is not very high, you can choose glass mirrors as the ceiling to reduce the pressure of space. At the same time, because the glass has good light reflection ability, it can create a very good atmosphere with the light

2. Choice of glass materials

there are many kinds of glass, among which painted glass and sandblasted glass are good materials for ceiling because of their excellent decorative effect. In addition, in order to use safety, safety glass should be used in the ceiling glass and other vulnerable parts. At present, China stipulates that tempered glass and laminated glass are safety glass

3. There are requirements for the thickness of glass

the use of glass materials in glass ceilings is also very important because the thickness is limited, because the glass is self-supporting. For safety reasons, the thickness of ceiling glass is generally controlled at 5~8 mm

4. Choose different glass ceiling in different spaces

aisle ceiling. Glass ceiling is mostly used for aisle ceiling, but glass cannot be used in a large area on the ceiling. Even if it is used, metal, wood strips or gypsum should be used to partition the glass ceiling into squares

bathroom ceiling. The ceiling on the toilet can be made of baking glass, which does not fade, and plays the role of a reflector to enhance the decorative effect

living room ceiling. When using the glass ceiling in the living room, the width of the glass should be as small as possible, because the bending resistance of the glass is poor and easy to break

guide to purchase artistic glass ceiling purchase tips

at present, artistic glass sold in the market is roughly divided into two types: colored painting and colored carving. From the processing methods, it can be divided into hot melt, die casting, paste after cold processing and other types. If art glass products adopt the pasting technique, we must pay attention to the glue and sizing degree used for pasting. The identification method is to see whether the pasting surface is bright and whether the glue area is full. When purchasing, you should also observe whether there are hand stains, water stains and black spots left in the interior of the glass during production

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