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"Ink between" Art Invitational Exhibition

recently, the Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition "ink anticorrosion room" jointly organized by the Organizing Committee of the Third Shenzhen International Art Expo (Art Expo) and Shenzhen 318 art will be held in Longgang Universiade Center (badminton hall) from July 12 to 13. Adhering to the concept of building a high-end and high-quality art trading platform, the Art Expo held a number of art exhibitions and lectures with participating galleries, cooperative media, art galleries and other art institutions in the early stage of the exhibition, providing Shenzhen citizens with a unique summer art enjoyment. This art exhibition invited more than ten young artists from the Academy of fine arts who cooperated with 318 art to participate. The following is a brief introduction

this exhibition brings together the excellent works of outstanding young artists from major art academies, including works with unique personality and rich flavor of the times, such as "wings of emigration", "seventy-two changes", "quietly leave", "nightmare · home", which are highly artistic originality, and embody the expression of young artists of the college on current life. It not only shows the unique artistic style, but also brings new artistic feelings to visitors. Artists' works carry their understanding of society and their judgment of value, convey their experience and thinking of life, on the one hand, highlight the creativity and independence of artistic creation, realize the aesthetic characteristics of art itself, on the other hand, give full play to the important influence of artistic creation on the society and the times, and present the existing state, thinking mode and value orientation of individuals in the current era, And then play a critical and enlightening role

according to the organizer of the exhibition, the works exhibited in this exhibition show the thinking and expression of contemporary culture and self-consciousness of young artists in contemporary colleges, as well as their creative ecology in original art. People can get a glimpse of the characteristics and context of Chinese contemporary youth art works and get different artistic feelings

Shenzhen has an open, diverse and rich art environment, which is the fertile ground for the company to express the creation of contemporary artists. Shenzhen will produce water ripple pattern; If the thin silk relative Sports Art Expo hopes to promote the market promotion of outstanding contemporary artists through themed exhibition activities such as the "ink between" Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, build a professional exchange platform for artists, art lovers, collectors and critics, and also guide and promote the development and prosperity of Shenzhen art market

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