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Articles of association of industrial coatings branch of Guangdong coating industry association

articles of association of industrial coatings branch of Guangdong coating industry association

November 22, 2017

Article 1 the industrial coatings branch of Guangdong coating industry association (hereinafter referred to as the branch) is a branch of Guangdong coating industry association, which is composed of industrial coating production enterprises, raw material enterprises and relevant enterprises and institutions in the province on the principle of voluntariness and equality, And non-profit social organizations established according to law

Article 2 the purpose of this branch is to provide industry services for members and improve the competitiveness of Guangdong industrial coating industry. Abide by the national constitution, laws and regulations, and the articles of association of Guangdong coating industry association and industry rules and regulations. Implement the national guidelines and policies for the development of green coatings, strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the industrial coatings industry, promote the technological progress and management level of Guangdong industrial coatings, guide the development of Guangdong industrial coatings to low pollution and high-performance waterborne, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, play a bridge and link role between the government and enterprises, and actively promote the sustainable development of Guangdong industrial coatings

Article 3 the competent department of this branch is Guangdong coating industry association

Article 4 the permanent establishment of this branch is the branch secretariat

Chapter II business scope

Article 5 the business scope of this branch is as follows:

1 Carry out business surveys, provide legislative suggestions and policy opinions on industry development to relevant government departments, and provide national industrial guidance and relevant information to enterprises of this branch

2. Collect, analyze and release relevant technical and economic information of domestic and foreign anti industrial coating industry, organize domestic and foreign technical exchanges and seminars, promote the advanced achievements and experience of industrial coating enterprises in business management, new product research and development, safety and environmental protection, circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the technological progress and scientific development of the industry

3. Promote and organize economic and technological cooperation in the same industry and across industries at home and abroad, and accelerate and promote the integration of industrial resources and technological progress

4. Regularly collect the production technical data of the branch enterprises, conduct technical and economic analysis, and serve member enterprises

5. Participate in the preparation and revision of various national standards for industrial coatings, and organize the implementation and supervision

6. Organize enterprises in industrial coatings and related industries to carry out technical training for professionals, hold special lectures in conjunction with scientific research institutes, and carry out consulting services

7. Organize member units of the branch to participate in international exchanges and establish extensive contacts with international peers

8. Reflect the legitimate requirements and suggestions of member units, and accept the work entrusted by relevant government departments, competent units and other

social organizations according to law

Chapter III membership

Article 6 the member units of this branch shall be the member units of Guangdong coating industry association. The member units of the branch shall be composed of the chairman, vice chairmen, directors and group members. The member units of the branch shall enjoy the rights and perform the obligations of the member units of the association and the branch at the same time

Article 7 to apply to join this branch, you must meet the following conditions:

1 Registered in Guangdong Province, it has obtained the operation and production license qualification stipulated by relevant government departments according to law, and is engaged in the production, sales, scientific research, application and other enterprises and institutions and groups of industrial coatings and raw materials

2. Support the constitution of the association and voluntarily apply for membership

3. Have more than one year of formal production and operation history, and operate legally

4. The main products comply with national standards or industrial standards

5. Environmental treatment, discharge of main pollutants, safety production conditions, etc. meet the national standards

Article 8 membership procedure

apply to the Secretariat of the branch, fill in the application form, and submit it to the Guangdong coating industry association for approval after the preliminary examination and approval of the Council of the branch. Once approved, it can become a Guangdong coating industry. The specific charges are as follows: back cover: RMB 18000; 2 seals 3: RMB 12000; Color inside page: RMB 9600 yuan, member units of the industry association and the branch

Article 9 members enjoy the following rights:

1. Have the right to vote, stand for election and vote

2. Attend the general assembly and participate in various activities organized by the Association

3. Get the priority of our service

4. Have the right to criticize, suggest and supervise the Association

5. Membership is voluntary and withdrawal is free

Article 10 members shall perform the following obligations:

1. Abide by the articles of association of members, implement the resolutions of the meeting, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the industry

2. Abide by national laws and regulations

3. abide by industry rules and regulations

4. Report the production and operation situation to the association, and regularly provide relevant technical and economic data of the unit

5. Pay membership dues on time ("members of the coating Association have been exempted from the membership dues of this branch during the" 1035 ")

Article 11 in case of any of the following circumstances, the association has the right to persuade its members to withdraw from the association or be removed:

1. Serious violation of national laws, regulations and policies

2. Serious violation of the articles of Association

3. suspension of business, bankruptcy, revocation of business license according to law

4. Manufacturing fake and inferior products, obtaining illegal income by improper means, seriously harming the interests of consumers

5. Encroach on others' legal intellectual property rights, fake production, seriously undermine the market order, and constitute infringement

6. Do not pay membership dues on time and do not participate in organizational activities for a long time

Chapter IV selection and dismissal of organizational structure and principals

Article 12 the branch shall have a chairman unit, several vice chairmen units, several director units, and a secretary general, which jointly form the Branch Council. The Council is elected by the general assembly. The chairman and vice chairman units are nominated by Guangdong coating industry association and elected by the Council. The secretary general is nominated by the chairman and elected by the Council. The term of office of the president, vice president and secretary general is four years, and they can be re elected and re elected for no more than two terms in principle

Article 13 if it is necessary to change the term in advance or postponed due to special circumstances, the Branch Council must report to the Guangdong coating industry association and obtain the approval of the association. However, the extension of the term of office shall not exceed one year

Article 14 the branch shall convene a VOC Council at least once a year to discuss relevant issues of the branch. In case of special circumstances, it can be held in the form of communication

Article 15 the highest authority of this Sub Council within a period of time is the Council, whose functions and powers are:

1. Amend the articles of Association

2. Election and dismissal of governing units

3. Review and approve the annual work report and annual plan of the Council

4. review the termination; Decide other major matters

Article 16 the Council can be convened only when more than two-thirds of the representatives are present, and its resolution can take effect only after more than half of the representatives present vote

Article 17 the Secretariat of the industrial coatings branch is the permanent organization of the branch. When the Council is not in session, the Secretariat of the branch is responsible for daily work

Chapter V membership dues

Article 18 in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, the membership dues of secondary branches shall be paid directly to the competent department (i.e. Guangdong coating industry association)

Article 19 the fee collection standard of industrial coatings branch of Guangdong coating industry association

the standards are as follows:

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remarks: the membership fees of the chairman unit, vice chairman unit and director unit of the branch and the membership fees of the association are paid according to the higher of the relevant membership fees; Colleges and universities and downstream user enterprises will not charge membership fees for the time being

Chapter VI Chapter 6 chapters and accounts

Article 20 the industrial coating branch of Guangdong coating industry association does not set up a separate branch account, and the branch finance is unified into the financial management of the Association; The branch can set up the "seal of industrial coating branch of Guangdong coating industry association"; The use of the branch seal is limited to the notification of activities related to the industrial coating industry, conference resolutions, industry introduction letters and other purposes. The legal effects involving the nature of legal documents and contracts need to be stamped with the official seal of "Guangdong coating industry association" to be effective. The management and use of the branch seal shall be in accordance with the relevant requirements of the measures for the administration of branches of Guangdong coating industry association

Chapter VII supplementary provisions

Article 21 the articles of association shall enter into force after being discussed and approved by the general meeting of the branch, and shall be reported to Guangdong coating industry association for filing. The right to interpret the articles of association belongs to the Branch Council, and the right to amend the articles of association belongs to the branch general assembly

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