As a popular new model, share and use the covos fl

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As a popular new product, share the experience of using covos Dibao sweeping robot dn33

recently, covos has released this new ecovacs sweeping robot sweeping and towing all-in-one machine, intelligent household vacuum cleaner, laser navigation planning, fully automatic washing and mopping machine Dibao dn33. Share the recent experience as follows, hoping to help friends in need with reference and comparison

I. how about the covos Dibao sweeping robot dn33, OK? Direct reading digital quantification

this floor sweeper took several days to evaluate. A few points are summarized for your reference: 1 The vacuum cleaner has powerful functions, which is really good news for families with dirt on the ground. 2. The function of mopping the floor is general. Without the strength of manual mop, it is difficult to clean some footprints. I have to manually change and wash the mop for many times. I may be too clean. But repeated several times is also very clean. 3. The climbing ability is strong, and the relatives with track sliding door don't have to worry at all. 4. As for dead corners, there must be dead corners in some inner corners. I understand and accept it. For those who require perfection, consider it yourself. In general, the home is too clean, because 3. Query effectiveness. My home is along the street, and I have opened windows for a long time. The soil is particularly large, and there are more hair and other silk. The vacuum cleaner function perfectly solves these problems. I'm very satisfied. It's very suitable for me. One revolution of the encoder is equivalent to the displacement of the lead screw pushing the pressure plate (or beam) to move, which is equivalent to the lead screw pitch

turn to's latest quotation, more comments from friends. "I hope the friction wheel surface in the gearbox should not be oiled or splashed with oil stains. I hope it can help friends in need for reference

attached are real pictures:

II. Configuration parameters of covos Dibao sweeping robot dn33:

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