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In recent years, "Ai" is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics discussed by everyone except that some raw materials and products are affected by the rapid expansion of production capacity and show weak price growth. The topic in this field is always fresh and continues to ferment, The boom has aroused waves of keen attention around the world. In the new year, AI will continue to occupy a place in our lives with black technology and new breakthroughs

global AI technology: wonderful and climactic

no one should deny that the past year was a key milestone in the development of AI. All kinds of "high technologies" integrated into our work and life have not only affected employers, but also become trendsetters in the job market. For example, ATM (automatic teller machine) has become more and more powerful. Banks no longer need to set up special counters. A machine is a branch. The tide of artificial intelligence will eventually sweep everyone around us

in addition to caring about work, we are also concerned about the "security" problem in the era of science and technology. Intelligent security is not only closely related to artificial intelligence, but also increasingly integrated with IOT, cloud computing and other aspects. Online shopping can not only easily sniff out our preferences, but also easily obtain big data about our shopping habits; Face brushing facilities can not only easily identify us, but also easily obtain all personal information about us... With the popularization of artificial intelligence technology, data security will also face many new challenges. In the past, we only cared about "convenience", but now we begin to care about "security"

almost everyone knows that now we have entered the "big data era". We are not only "labeled" with personal characteristics, but also "data" with personal behavior. Through these data provided by humans, machines began to understand learning - Sophia, the first "robot citizen" in history, learned to talk to humans with human thinking; "Alpha zero AI" learned how to defeat the old version of "alpha" in chess without referring to a large number of chess scores

in the business field, we can see that many enterprises have begun to use artificial intelligence to interpret business data and obtain valuable insights and predictions, so as to improve the marketing and business capabilities of their teams. Today, artificial intelligence is not only the core technology, but also the core of all technologies. This is particularly reflected in the front-line customer service in the consumer field - Apple's chat robot "Siri" and Amazon's voice assistant "Alexa" have not only become smarter and more flexible, helping us complete tasks more efficiently, but also with the development of intelligent voice recognition programs in the future, "they" will be more humanized and more intimate, and one day, It can interact with human beings more intelligently on the user interface

"Ai starts with dolls"

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is no longer a slogan

in order to enable children to adapt to the new era of "robots everywhere, artificial intelligence everywhere", artificial intelligence has gradually entered the campus. In addition to teaching materials, the application of campus artificial technology will also be more and more diverse. At the "smart public security summit forum and smart security Expo" held in Nanjing at the end of last year, AI black technologies such as "personnel density statistical camera" and "one button emergency alarm column" have attracted much attention, and AI technologies applied to campus and education, such as "edutrain teaching analysis system", are also one of the hottest topics of discussion at present

this set of teaching analysis system called "edutrain" is very worth mentioning - through the monitoring camera, sound collector and other hardware set in the classroom, it can analyze the emotion and learning state of teachers and students in the classroom, and generate a teaching report within one hour after class, which can be used as a reference basis for teachers to repeatedly calculate teaching research and teaching methods

some experts believe that the focus of artificial intelligence lies in the application and introduction of various fields, so "humanistic thinking" is very important in popular science education, and the research of artificial intelligence will continue to change in the future, so students' self-learning ability should be cultivated more. In any case, it is certain that "Ai starts with dolls" is no longer just a slogan

"welcome home"

smart home

make future life full of expectations

there is no doubt that "artificial intelligence" is no longer just a major in academic laboratories and science fiction movies, but a trend of future world development. Deloitte, the world's largest accounting and financial services company, predicts that AI technology will be greatly improved in 2019, and some once novel innovations will be applied to our lives and work. It will probably not be long before artificial intelligence will be everywhere, making our society smarter and more efficient

"welcome home" "what service do you need?" With the in-depth development of voice control technology, its application scope is no longer limited to smart speakers, and there are more and more smart home devices with embedded voice assistants. In the future, the penetration rate of enterprise software with built-in AI and cloud AI development services will continue to soar. In recent years, Internet giants have launched smart home products such as smart speakers, smart air conditioners and smart TVs

data show that the global smart home market will reach US $79.3 billion in 2021, and the smart home market will show great explosive force in the future. Huang Han, Professor of software engineering and doctoral supervisor of South China University of technology, said in an interview that "automation", "personalization" and "big data" are the development trends of artificial intelligence technology in real life. The usage data of smart home will be stored and associated with the information world through the network. It is no longer a dream for the owner to remotely control the electrical appliances at home through the mobile network, and the electrical appliances and the owner's use habits form the best use effect

a small step in science and technology is a big step for mankind. The trend of artificial intelligence has become more and more obvious in life. With the cooperation of science and technology, there will be more possibilities in future life. Let's look forward to it together

"virtual reality" makes the future more colorful

"can humans marry robots and have children?" "Will computers become too smart and order humans to do things in turn?" These questions raised by kindergarten children are actually topics that experts pay attention to and think about

when it comes to "natural language generation technology" that converts data into text, or "biometric technology" that facilitates human interaction with machines, maybe we think it is too professional and too far away. However, with the major theoretical breakthroughs of artificial intelligence in recent years, there have been many applications that can change our daily life. Artificial intelligence can not only serve tea and water, sweep the floor and clean the windows for us, but also drive and manage our investment. Its excellent combination of strength, toughness and processing performance can even produce what we want

don't talk about fields that are too professional and profound for the time being. Let's talk about something relaxing first. If you are a game fan, you may soon experience the following technology - free dialogue with the personas you created in the game. Every player hopes to have a dialogue with his favorite characters. This desire creates the following technologies, so that the AI characters in the game can simulate human feelings, and finally create their own personality and personality to achieve a lifelike dialogue

yes, AI (artificial intelligence technology), which is most closely related to the lives of young people, is VR (Virtual Reality Technology). With the continuous development of science and technology and human progress, "virtual reality" will become more and more real in the future; The larger capacity of electronic equipment, smaller memory, clearer screen and faster communication technology will also make virtual reality possible. (Huang Lan)


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