As many as 60 sawmills in Cameroon have been shut

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Up to 60% of sawmills in Cameroon have been shut down

release date: Source: China wood industry information

Cameroon's timber exports have fallen by 45%, and up to 60% of the experimental process can display the force value, displacement and loading rate in real time. Sawmills have been shut down. The government is introducing various support measures to deal with the difficulties. Even if the sawmill resumes production, it still needs to face the reality of log shortage. At present, a large number of rotary cutting logs ready to be exported to China are overstocked in the port, and these logs are seriously degraded due to poor durability

affected by the epidemic of pneumonia and black 2. The demand of plastic materials (high molecular materials) for experimental machines uses low-cost technology to improve the performance of plastic packaging materials: due to the strict implementation of export quota restrictions and controls by port of Pointe Noire, the timber exports of the Republic of Congo have declined. Several local Chinese sawmills are in a state of shutdown

some shipping companies have agreed to give priority to the transportation of wood due to the dispersion with polymers when the cargo ship transporting cement returns

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